Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Silly boy!

Recently Connor has tried his hand at being dramatic. It has started with these fits. The first one came one day when I gave him a bite of a cherry tomato. He has had many, so he knows what they are. Usually I cut them up, but for some reason wasn't even thinking that day. I just let him have a bite and he started screaming instantly. It wasn't a big bite at all, but I immediately swiped it out of his mouth and figured he'd be fine. But no. He started flailing around the room and throwing himself on the floor screaming with intermittent silent screams. Y'all. I lost it. I joined him on the floor laughing. I knew there wasn't a thing wrong with him, he was just being ridiculous! I told Matt about it and he got to witness it the next day.. all because I put him on the changing table to change his diaper. What a silly boy! We tried to videotape it, but he always quits when he sees the camera.

He hasn't napped great the last couple of days and I think he is trying to cut his morning nap out. I'm going to be honest and say I am not looking forward to that. That is when I get everything done. Connor is very good at playing by himself, but if I am trying to do something that will for sure take up all of my attention, then forget about it. He will start clinging on my leg and whining. Well today I had just gotten out of the shower and he was crying pretty hard, so I just got him up and sat him in my lap while I dried my hair. I'm so glad I did, because it's those little things that I'll never get back!

This is actually the 2nd time he has sat in my lap while I dried my hair. The first time he took the brush from me, turned around to face me and tried to brush my hair for me. So sweet! Drying my hair has never been so much fun! Well today, for some reason, he tried to grab the end of the hair dryer (where the air comes out) and he pulled his hand away pretty fast, but I was still afraid he might of either burned it or cut it (have you ever cut your hand on that part? It HURTS!) He wasn't crying at all, so I said, "It's ok". Those are the "magic" words that immediately leads to the famous frown face, so I'm not sure why I said it. He gave the face and turned around real quick to wrap his whole body around me. He quit crying about 2 seconds later until he turned back around and looked at himself in the mirror. Then he did it again! He did that a couple of times. Like the title says, silly boy!!!

Before we head out to Home Depot to look at some paint colors (I have turned into a redecorating monster!) I want to share this video I took last night while he was getting ready for a bath. Those spots all over him that look like freckles? Nope. That is spaghetti! Also, when he is handing me toys and saying what sounds like "daddy", is actually thank you. I have no clue why he started saying it like that!

Gosh, I love this little boy!! Hope y'all have a great day!

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