Wednesday, June 8, 2011

What I'm loving today

Happy Wednesday! It's time to share...

It is a beautiful day here in Tennessee and as soon as Connor wakes up, we are headed to the pool with BeBe to enjoy it! Which leads me to my first love...

-I'm loving pool time! My little man has a great time every time we go. I can't say he stays in the water very much, which leads to me just following him around the pool. LONG GONE are the relaxing layout days!! BUT, I wouldn't have it any other way!

-I'm loving the new creamer we got last week at Kroger. They are sooooo good. Everytime I open the fridge it makes me want another cup!

-I'm loving that we have definitely entered the climbing stage. He wants to climb on everything and this box has been his favorite thing to play with.

When he's not climbing on it, he's pushing it.

BUT, the box had to go. It was the cause for his busted lip.

I'm enjoying being able to put things away and him not remembering it. I know those days aren't going to last very long!

-I'm loving that I saw this when I walked in the door yesterday. Something about little bitty shoes just make me melt! I love it!!

-I'm loving this picture I came across the other day. A few weeks ago we had a playdate at Angie's house and these two cuties were loving on my boy. They were taking turns "holding" him. I also love the look on his face. It's like he is saying "What in the world is going on here?!"

Sophie and Claire are so sweet to him and you can just tell he loves their attention. He will look up at them with big sparkly eyes. It's so sweet!

What are you loving today? Head on over to Jamie's blog and play along!


the workaholic momma said...

We LOVE the pool too - thank goodness!!! He is growing so fast...but SO adorable and I love his little Crocs:)

Ashley E. said...

Both of those creamers are my fav!!! Connor just gets cuter and cuter!

Brandon said...

Yeah, that Almond Joy creamer is like liquid heaven :) I enjoy your blog! You're family is adorable.


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