Friday, June 10, 2011

15 months

Gosh, I can't believe Connor is already 15 months! I can definitely say that this month brought on the most change (I'll probably say that every month, but I REALLY mean it this time!! ha). I feel like he has, without a doubt, entered toddlerhood. I think it is going to be hard for me to list his "new" things because there is so much! I really need to start writing things down everyday.

He had a doctors appointment this month and his stats were:

Weight: 23 1/4 lbs (25-50%)

Height: 31 inches (about 60%)

Head: 19 inches (75%)

He also got two shots and I was so proud of him. He didn't even flinch at the first one and the second one he just frowned really big. What a big boy!

So, without further ado, here is Connor's new things at 15 months:

mobility: He is on the move every second he is awake. I honestly think it is why he is so skinny (for the lack of a better word). His favorite is still climbing up and down things. He also loves to stomp his legs, especially in the bathtub. He is trying to jump and looooves trampolines! (there are some at the My Gym he goes to once a week)

language: he has added milk (guk), Connor (non-or), bath (bap), bat, hat (at) WOAH (when he sees a big truck), and MMMMM (when we bring his food to the table) to his vocabulary. As far as Your Baby Can Read goes, he has added tongue, point, smiling, tiger, and mouth to the list of words he recognizes. I am so amazed at this program and highly recommend it! We don't do it near as often as you are supposed to..hopefully I'll get better at that! He also added head, hair and tongue to the body parts that he can point out. We are working on counting and it is so cute to see him mimick me when I use my fingers to count to 5. When he does something right, I'll say "Yes, that's right" and he'll shake his head yes slowly and dramatically like he is saying he knows he's right!

teeth: He now has a whopping 8 teeth (4 on top, 4 on bottom)! The dr said he is cutting his molars, so I am anxiously awaiting those. I'm hoping the drool will subside a bit once they do! I think the canines are starting to make their appearance too.

food: We have our big eater back! I told the dr about his "off" days and he said that was completely normal, especially in the summer. He said that a lot of kids get too hot to eat and just want to drink. It made me feel better to hear that it was normal! He really will eat just about anything and finally likes spaghetti. I felt like he was the only kid in the world that didn't like it! He goes nuts over watermelon and bananas. His Gammie keeps her bananas out on the counter, so he really begs for them at her house! I hide ours in our cabinet! BUT, he has figured out what cabinet they are in and will go stand underneath it, point to it and scream "NANA, NANA". My little monkey :)

favorites: He still loves being outside and going bye bye the most. As previously mentioned, playing baseball and golf are his favorite things to do as well. He has recently taken an interest in building things with his blocks. He doesn't really like for me to build things with them. I guess I am messing up his vision ;)

dislikes: being told "no" to something he is doing. He will say "UGH" (in a very ugly voice) and proceeded to hit at me. Needless to say, we have started time out this month! It has gone really well so far, so hopefully it will continue to work! Sometimes when I tell him "no" to stuff, he will walk around the house screaming "NO NO NO" in a much harsher voice than I used. I guess he is reminding himself! One of the funnier dislikes, is his how much he doesn't like for his hands to be dirty. We have a gravel driveway, so when he starts to fall and catch himself he will get those tiny rocks stuck on his hand. He will not go anywhere else until he gets every single rock off of his hand. It never fails to make me laugh! A personal dislike for me is that he has quit giving me kisses :( It's a game to him now. He shakes his head no furiously and just laughs. It is very rare when I get one now. Also, he WILL NOT call me mama. He continues to call me daddy! UNLESS he wants something. Then it's all "MAMA" at the top of his lungs like I am in a different room or something. When he does say it, my heart soars, so I can't wait for it to be all the time!

new funny/sweet things: He has started acting out "Itsy Bitsy Spider". I'll do it and then I'll say, Ok, now it's Connor's turn. I have got to get it on video, because it's pretty darn cute! His level of understanding is what has amazed me the most this month. I'll say "Let's go blow your nose" and off he goes to the bathroom and is reaching for the toilet paper. "You want some milk?" and he goes to the fridge. "Let's get your shoes on so we can go outside" and he goes to his closet (the same for when I say clothes). "Let's go get mommy's shoes" and he will go to my closet. And of course, he knows where to go when I say "let's go outside". Yesterday while eating a banana, he would pick up a piece and hold his arm straight up in the air. As he was bringing his arm down to eat it, he was making the airplane noise! I was DYING laughing! He is such a ham.

We have a lot to look forward to in this next month of his precious life and I SO look forward all the memories we are going to make!

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Mrs. Howard said...

I just did a similar post in regards to how much my little Connor has learned. Isn't it crazy to watch a little human that you and your husband "created," do such smart things. The crazy ones for me are when my Connor does something I've never even explicitly taught him. Everytime he does something I think is smart, I think..."I am one of THOSE parents!!" know the ones who think their child is the most brilliant child on the planet. Hehe! I love being a Mama!


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