Tuesday, June 14, 2011

In his element

Last night Connor and I decided to go cheer on Daddy at his softball game. Connor had a great time. He was definitely in his element there. Balls, people and his own bat & ball = perfection in those bright blue eyes! Good talks with friends and seeing my boy thrive = perfection in these momma's eyes!

Before the game he had a little warm up with Mr. Justin and Uncle Kyle.

I wish you could see this better, because Connor's expression matches Justin's perfectly.

And when it was time for the game to start, Connor made sure to give his Daddy a good luck five :)

My friend Angie came (her husband was filling in for some guys on vacation) and brought her two kiddos with her. William is one week older than Connor and his big sister, Sophie, is seen here with Connor. They were watching the game and cheering their Daddy's on. Sophie is the sweetest thing and calls Matt, Uncle Matt. I also overheard her telling a girl that Connor is her cousin! ha. Our kids do look enough alike to be related! The absolute cutest thing of the whole night was when Sophie decided to tell her daddy hi in the middle of the game. She just started yelling "HI DADDY!" and when he waved at her, her face just lit up. Oh, it makes my heart melt just thinking about it!

Towards the end of the game Connor's granddaddy showed up. Let me just tell you.. Connor is his biggest fan right now. He about jumps out of my arms saying "daddy" when he sees him. I know he is trying to say granddaddy because it sounds different than when he is addressing Matt.

I think the feeling is pretty mutual, too ;). In fact, I'd say if you look reallllly close to his pinky, you would see his granddaddy wrapped around it! ha (and if we are being honest, I'd imagine every single one of his fingers has a grandparent wrapped around it!!!)

It was another late night, but you wouldn't have known it watching him. We hadn't been in the car for 2 seconds before I heard him snoring. Sweet boy!


Angie said...

I love this post. Sophie does love her some Connor, that's for sure! I was watching Connor with his granddad last night and it seriously brought a tear to my eye. Such a special bond there and I could see the love flowing. :-)

the workaholic momma said...

I just love all of the pictures - Connor looks SO happy..not to mention, ready to play:) Glad you guys had such a wonderful night - hope you're having a great week!


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