Thursday, June 16, 2011

Hair help needed!

I have waited until the last minute to seek advice, but I'm going to ask anyway. I am going to get my haircut tomorrow morning and I have decided that I want bangs again. I know they can be a bother, but I think they also serve as an accessory for your face! haha

Here are the styles I am looking at:

Option 1

Option 2 and the one I'm not sure I'm brave enough for

Option 3, but with long hair. Nothing but dead ends leaving the length!

Oh and I am leaving it blonde. I love you girls that can do both, but I am NOT one of them!!! What do y'all think?!?! Or if you (read: Kayla) have any suggestions, I'm open to them... as long as they come before 9 am tomorrow morning!

Y'all have a wonderful Thursday!


Carrie said...

I can tell you hunter's opinion...he hates the bachelorette! He is always saying...her bangs are in her face...she needs to move them. I'm sure it's because he doesn't find her attractive in the least bit...huge disappointment since he has to watch it with me!

I don't really have an opinion...they are all cute. Just think about the beach...u prob don't want something that will annoy you! Haha! Good luck! Can't wait to see pictures!

the workaholic momma said...

I like option #3 but thats probably because I rarely am a risk taker when it comes to my hair. Even when I get it cut "short" (shoulder length for me..ha!) I still look the same. Good luck...have fun..and no matter will grow back (wish I could convince myself to take my own advice;)) Can't wait to see your new do:)

Angie said...

If you're anything like me, you'll hate bangs in your face, so I say if you do it go either with the shorter ones or keep them long enough to tuck. That's my 2 cents! :-) You'll look great regardless!


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