Thursday, May 26, 2011

Some call it independence. I call it stubborness. My mom calls it payback!

It was beautiful here yesterday and since I knew the next couple of days were going to be pretty nasty, I decided to take advantage of it! I filled Connor's pool up while he was napping and let it sit in the sun so that the water wouldn't be freezing cold. He was so excited when he saw it! He had a great time sitting in the pool throwing all the balls out for me to pick up.

Recently my sweet little 14 (almost 15..whaaat?!) month old has turned into a very opinionated boy! He will no longer hold my hand to walk somewhere...unless it is somewhere he wants to go! Not only will he not hold my hand, but he jerks his whole body away and will occasionally make a "ummph" sound to boot.

He has also started withholding my kisses. It is a game to him now. I'll ask him to give mommy kisses and he will madly shake his head no and run away laughing. What a stinker!

He also landed himself in timeout for the first time last week. After telling him no about something, he rared back and hit me! And you could tell by the look on his face that he was serious about it! So after putting him back in his spot 5 times or so, he finally stayed there for a minute and even gave me a hug when I asked him to. I'm not sure he understood what I was saying, but he understood my tone and that he was in trouble.

BUT although he is showing his independence, he still has these sweet moments when he knows he needs us. Like when he stops at the steps and hold his hand out to get our help.

He'll grab my hand and pull me to the cabinet where the banana's are because he needs one and knows he can't get it without me.

And it's in those moments that my heart just bursts with love for this sweet boy. Because although I do love watching him learn and grow, I love to see that precious little hand reaching up for mine.

And don't you know that God feels the same way when we ask for His help? I know I try too often to do it on my own (hence the reason my mom calls Connor's independence payback!), but when I do?

I'm able to go down steps without falling. Any need that I think I might have can be fulfilled when I reach for Him and take hold of His hand.

One of the things I want the most for Connor is for him to turn to God for all things. It is human nature to try to do things on our own, but I pray daily that not a day goes by that he doesn't reach out his hand for God! One of my favorite verses (and Matt's) is Philipians 4:13.

I can do everything through him who gives me strength.

Gosh, I love that and believe it with all my heart!

I hope everyone has a wonderful Thursday. It's almost the holiday!!!!

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Angie said...

Kelli, you are so wise for such a young person (ha!). I needed to hear that today, so thanks for putting your thoughts down to share with others. I am blessed to call you a friend! Oh, and William started hitting me yesterday - what's with that?!!


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