Wednesday, May 11, 2011

My wonderful Mother's Day

I decided last year that I love Mother's Day more than my birthday :) Not because it is a day for me to be pampered, but a day for me to celebrate the best thing that has ever happened to me. I love being a momma more than anything in life!

Last year on Mother's Day:

This year!
*note: I tried to use picasa to put these two pictures beside each other and it was tiny! What am i doing wrong?!

Matt asked me what I wanted to do for Mother's Day and after a few days I decided I wanted to grab some Subway and go to the zoo. I love when we get to spend time with just the 3 of us doing something special, so I knew this would be perfect! He also asked that since I didn't want anything nice for lunch if there was anything he could cook for breakfast. I quickly said pancakes! I love me some pancakes for breakfast! So, Sunday morning Connor and I got to cuddle in bed and watch Yo Gabba Gabba (the only way you can get him to cuddle... dont' judge) whild daddy made pancakes. I think the cutest thing about it was when he got the recipe out and I heard him say "banana pudding? There is banana pudding in this recipe?!" It said b. pwd, which apparently looked like b. pud. I just died laughing. They were sooooo yummy and only made us 20 minutes late for church, which quickly reminded us of the reason we don't eat breakfast on Sunday mornings! So Matt mentioned Saturday night that he was going to grow a beard.. I didn't even think that would mean shaving his face clean, but he did and Connor did not want to have anything to do with him for the first hr or so after seeing him. It made for some nice cuddles for me!!! I got to carry him everywhere and he cuddled and stayed still the first 40 minutes of church. Happy Mother's Day to me!!!!

My sweet boy eating his grilled cheese.

I just had to video him at the meerkats this time. They are easily his favorite! Until he realized I was videoing and he wanted to watch!

He wasn't so sure what to think about the zebras....besides calling them dogs.

Gosh, I love this boy!
Standing in the bamboo trail.

While we were standing there watching the flamingos doing there thing, he just reached up and grabbed my hand and I think my heart about soared out of my chest! He held it for a long time!

These two made my day so special!

I love my little family!

There are so many women in my life that are exceptional momma's to Matt and I and grandmother's to Connor. Connor is so blessed to be loved by his MiMi, Gammie, BeBe, and I hope they had a wonderful Mother's Day as well!! Nana is his only great grandmother that reads the blog (she even emails! If I ever saw that my Mamaw emailed me I would call the police because there would be no doubt someone broke into her house...and brought a computer with them!)

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The Forrest Family said...

I have never used that other photo program, but I always have good luck using Pic Nik (sp?) to do the side my side collage type things. I am so glad another Mama feels the same way about mothers day as I do! I'd rather have Mothers Day over a birthday (of mine) any day!!! :)


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