Sunday, May 22, 2011

My little brother is a college graduate???

How can that be???? I just can't believe it, but it does make me so happy because that means he is that much closer to moving here! I can't wait for that!

My dad and the graduate!

We tried to get a picture with Matt in it, but if it is even a little bit sunny, his eyes are shut and that day was no different!

Crystal (cousin), Aunt Cheryl, Lance, and my Mamaw

Connor and Uncle "Ance"

I told Matt on the way down that I was feeling quite nostalgic about this trip to Searcy and Harding. I loved my time at Harding and miss it a lot! I made such great friends there and while most people make fun of the "Harding bubble", I miss that bubble. It was such a great college experience and one that I want for my kids too!

One day after lunch, Matt and I stood at this spot on campus and talked for over an hour. I don't remember what we talked about, but I do remember knowing that I wanted to date this guy :) I'm sure glad I did!

Chloe was walking with her arm around his shoulders. I love that he is going to have cousins that are pretty close in age!

Gosh, I love these two so much and miss them terribly!

Our little family sitting in the famous Harding swings.

Ha. He was in some kind of mood. He hadn't had a nap and was letting us know how he felt about it! He was fine if he had the ball in his hand, but if you tried to take it out he would get so mad!

Crystal's group. Aren't they such a beautiful family?!

Connor and Chloe practicing their reading :)

Chloe was sitting on the stool in front of everyone saying that she was Cinderella, so we all started asking her questions and this is what she did:
I don't think she liked the attention at all ;) I could just eat her up!

And just so big brother isn't out done

Gosh, I love my family! Lance, there are no words to describe how proud I am of you. As a college graduate, a brother, a new uncle and most importantly a Christian man. I love you so much and am so blessed to be your big sister!!

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