Tuesday, April 19, 2011

My big boy and blog award

Y'all. I went to bed last night so proud of myself because I wasn't sore at all from my workout yesterday. I thought, "Man. I am in better shape than I thought! It will be no time before I move to level 2." Then I woke up this morning. Either Matt beat me up in my sleep last night (KIDDING!) or I really am in terrible shape!!! Even my armpits hurt. I guess that is what happens when you do everything correctly! All I can say is that in 30 days I better look like a new woman! I do realize that I am going to have to actually do it for 30 days to the full extent Jillian expects ;).

A few weeks ago, when the weather was giving up a glimpse into summer, I put Connor in one of the play outfits I bought him and we headed outside. I about died at the cuteness.

I could just eat those little calves and chubby knees up!

This morning we went out to play and it is amazing how much better he is getting at moving around. We practiced going up and down the steps because I am terrified he is going to fall down them not realizing there is a drop.

I made a huge deal out of it and I'm pretty sure his face was hurting he was grinning so big.

He also walked around the yard and didn't even fuss about the grass.

I did find out that he is not going to be an animal rights activist. He was very intent on killing every bug that crawled by him. He notices EVERYTHING.

He, thankfully, had a good 2 1/2 hour nap this afternoon. Let me tell you.. he needed it. Sunday totally messed him up. He slept for maybe 30 minutes and had a very active day, so I think he is just now catching up. This morning was pretty awful. Nothing I could do would make him happy. He cried when I held him, cried when I put him down. Didn't want his milk. Finally I just put him in his crib so I could finish making his breakfast without him pulling my pants off. Whew, did that make him mad! As soon as he realized he was getting his eggs he was better. I just couldn't deal with him screaming at me!

As soon as he wakes up and eats his snack, I think we are going to go back outside with an empty container and pick flowers. I know he will enjoy picking them and putting them in the container. We have to enjoy the pretty weather while we can. Apparently the weather is supposed to be pretty nasty the rest of the week :/.

Ok, on to the blog award. Recently I came across The Workaholic Momma and instantly started "following". First off, she has the cutest little girl. Secondly, she is funny and refreshing. For all of you out there that are pregnant, she does some great baby product reviews. I have already added some things to my list for the next one :) Sunday she was super sweet and honored me with a blog award.

The rules of the award are to share 7 things about yourself and hand out the award to some other blogs.

7 things about me:

1. I believe Jesus Christ is the Son of God and strive to become the strong Christian woman He would have me be.

2. Growing up I was the pickiest eater. In high school I pretty much ate grilled chicken and desserts (which is probably why I was super skinny). Once I met Matt and especially since we have been married, my palate has expanded to pretty much everything. There are only two things I just refuse to eat, which leads me to #3.

3. I hate mushrooms and chicken n dumplings. I won't even tell you what mushrooms remind me of. I can't even stand to look at them. Now, I will eat things that have cream of mushroom soup in them, but nothing else. I actually tried chicken n dumplings from Cracker Barrel while I was pregnant. I figured it had two things going for it. One, it was Cracker Barrel. Two, my tastes had changed a lot when I was pregnant. But, I still hated them.

4. I don't know the words to any song. I think I do. I sing it like I do. Until Matt starts laughing at me and I realize I got it wrong!

5. I would love to have lived in the 60's ONLY because I love their dresses. I wouldn't have to worry about working anything out but my arms!

6. I would love to open up a shop on Etsy. I don't know what in the world I could make. Maybe banners for birthday parties?? I am so intrigued by people that just have raw talent and wish I could have a little myself!

7. I have two HUGE pet peeves. The first is all of the neighborhood dogs peeing/pooping in our yard. The people across the street from me have about 4 dogs and I swear they all come to our yard to do their business. I think it is down right rude to let your dog do that. AND they have a huge backyard with a fence. Let them go there! Don't get me wrong, I love dogs. I just don't love dog poop. My second pet peeve is people who don't put their shopping carts up. I mean, really? It takes about 2 seconds to do it. There are no excuses!

I'm not crazy about handing out awards because I don't want anyone to feel left out! I love all of the blogs I read (otherwise I wouldn't read!) and I would say 1/2 of them are also blogs that don't read mine! SOOO, I want all of my readers that have blogs to give themselves this award AND leave me a comment telling me you did so I can go find out 7 new things about yourself!!


the workaholic momma said...

Oh boy - the dreaded 30 day shred I have heard so much about - I'm really wanting to try this but I hear its tough!!! Good for you for doing it:)

The Connor pics are adorable - he looks so happy outside:)

And, I'm so with you on the dog poop in the front yard - some of our neighbors aren't very good about cleaning up after their dogs and that really bothers me too - so inconsiderate!

LOVE reading your blog! Hope you're having a great week:)

Kit said...

Love this post!
Great things you are loving today!


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