Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Just Another Manic Monday

Whew! Yesterday was exhausting! I have been feeling sick pregnant for the past couple of weeks and finally decided I was just going to call the doctor. I honestly figured it was just my hormones getting back on track, but decided to call them anyway. Well the nurse apparently thought differently and told me I needed to leave my house right away and she was going to order blood work and/or an ultrasound stat. We got there, I gave some blood and had lunch while we waited to hear back. Obviously (or I wouldn't be telling you this..ha!) it was negative and she then proceeded to tell me that another patient had the same side "pregnancy like" side effects from Mirena. She said if I still felt bad in a week then I should call her back so we could discuss different options. Yuck. I despise birth control. I went through about 3 different kinds after we got married and I hated them all! So, I'm hoping that this is just a fluke and I will start to feel better. I will say I have had it in since June and am just now feeling this way, so it is possibly just my body kicking back into "not pregnant, not breastfeeding" mode. I don't know. As Beth Moore says in her Esther study, "It's tough being a woman"!

We had terrible weather here yesterday. Thankfully, the bad storms stayed away until we got home. We hadn't been home for 20 minutes before Connor and I took up camp in the bathroom. We actually had a great time. He really is a funny baby. He has such a personality! I have to be honest, though. Had it not been for Connor I wouldn't have taken cover. I think it comes from growing up in Arkansas, where tornados make very frequent appearances. But when it comes to keeping my little man safe, then off to our tiny little bathroom we go! It was very hard not to go look out the windows and see what was going on. Instead I played with ducks, penguins, balls and all the other bath toys :)

Hopefully, the month of April doesn't provide us with too much trouble! Just the sunshine in the bright blue skies, with a light breeze blowing the bright green trees.
I don't think that is too much to ask...do you?!


Ashley E. said...

Oh my word, I really thought you were announcing you were pregnant and I was about to freak out!!! And then be confused because there wasn't any sort of building up to it. Haha! I hate birth control and I haven't been on it in years. It messes with me WAY to much. Glad y'all were safe from the storms!

Angie said...

I have been having issues I suspect are related to Mirena too, but who knows. maybe I'm just a crazy loon all on my own. :-) hope the hormones settle soon. then you can get pregnant again! hahaha!!!

MiMi said...

I love the a PREPPIE outfit.


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