Thursday, April 21, 2011


Well let me just tell you. Today has been a crazy day! When we woke up, everything was great. Ate breakfast and as soon as I got Connor down for his nap, I started feeling sick. I felt exactly like I did on his birthday. Except this time I had no one to watch Connor. I tried eating crackers thinking that it was because I didn't have enough on my stomach to handle the coffee, and that didn't help. I drank the rest of the naseau medicine (in moderation! ha) and that helped a little. The only thing that got me through it was just to lay on the floor in the middle of his room and let him play around me.

The sweetest thing ever is that every once in a while he would come over and either kiss me on the mouth or the cheek. My little lover boy is going to make some woman very happy one day!

Thankfully, I was able to get his lunch prepared and once I put him down I tried to lay down and rest. I finally decided that I needed something to eat and the only thing that sounded good to me was spaghetti...which is the only thing I could eat while I was so sick during the 1st trimester with Connor. I guess my body has made it a comfort food! ha

I go to the doctor next week for my yearly and I am going to talk to her about other BC options. This Mirena is killing me! I kind of wish she would have mentioned these side effects before, but I guess I probably would have tried it anyway. Oh well. Hopefully we will find a solution next week!

NOW, onto a new link up! My friend, my brother in law's girlfriend, one of my sister in law's best friends (confused yet?! ha) Libby has started a link up of your favorite things. So that this will differ a little bit from What I'm Loving Wednesday I am going to make this all about things for ME!!! (GASP! Honestly, it will be hard not to include little man or things for him, but I'm going to give it a try!)

1. Spring/Summer clothes. I am so glad warmer weather is here! Now if I could only find a nice tanning lotion that doesnt.. you know, STINK(!) I would be golden (literally! ha).

First Daffodil Top . I don't normally wear yellow, but I might try with this one!

One Shoulder Ruffle Waist Dress

Addison Tank Dress This one would have been perfect for Easter!

All Out Of Love Coral Open Back Top

Paint Me a Garden Floral Braided Top

Sitting On the Porch Floral Top

2. Beth Moore Bible studies.

We are currently doing Esther in our girlfriends bible group. We only meet once a month and I always do the lessons the week before we meet so that it will be fresh on my mind. I get so excited when I realize it is time to start back up.
Since I am currently reading about King David, I would love to do this study. She has been talking about it a lot lately since it is newly revised.

3. Outdoor living spaces (because they are so pretty I would "live" there!)


Oh. Just think of all the reading you could get done there!


I can imagine enjoying a nice glass of sweet tea or lemonade with a good friend.

4. Little lovelies for ME!

White Pearl Curve Sterling Silver Earrings

Round Up My Love . I know. It's a little different. There is just something about it that I love. Now when Connor is 18, he might not love that I have his fingerprint on a necklace. Especially when I say something cheesy like "I just wanted a piece of you to always be touching my heart." Ha.

SO! There you have it! My favorites right now. Sadly, this took me forever because I am never looking for things for myself! Now had I done a favorites list for Connor, I could have been done in 5 minutes flat. So, I think this was good for me! I tend to view myself as "mom/wife" before "Kelli" and I don't think that is always healthy. Whew.. gonna end on that note before I let myself get too deep into that one!

Happy Friday Eve, y'all!!


chesley said...

cute! so sorry about your side effects! i've never had any at all, but keep hearing everyone else's. i guess i should be VERY thankful!!

the workaholic momma said...

Oh my goodness - I'm so sorry you weren't feeling well today - thats the worst when you have a little one to take care of!!! I actually went with the Paraguard after having Addie and have loved it so far. I haven't noticed any side effects and I've had it about 4 months!! Hope you're feeling better!

Janelle said...

LOVE Beth Moore!!!! LOVE the necklace!!! And I would LOVE to get a call to drink lemonade or sweet tea with you on ANY of those outdoor living spaces, ha!

Angie said...

I LOVE that daffodil top. I am also having strange side effects from the Mirena and am about ready to ditch it. I get sick just about EVERY night. I'm pretty sure it's making me moodier than usual, too. If that's even possible. ha!

Libby! said...

I love your post! The earrings and necklace are precious!

Whew,I almost teared up over here... glad I could encourage a little Kelli time!

Love you :)


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