Thursday, April 7, 2011

Connor's 1st Birthday Party!!

I still can't believe Connor's 1st birthday has come and gone. I guess it's time to start planning his 2nd birthday!! (HA. Just kidding, Matt!) In all honesty, I had such a fun time preparing everything for it and would love if I could start doing it for other people. Maybe one day! (edited to add: I have opened up an etsy shop. Please visit it here . Thank you!!!)

If your little one has a birthday coming up, I HIGHLY recommend getting your photographer to come and take pictures for you. I love that I didn't have to worry about anything and I can now look through them and totally relive the day. Thanks again, Chesley !

This is probably the longest post in the history of blogging, and in hindsight I should have done separate posts about each category. However, I have literally been working on downloading pics since last night and refuse to start over and let "mr. blogger" win. Do you hear me mr. blogger? REFUSE!! :)


The sign in table

Obviously, the sweets table

His smash cake that didn't quite get smashed..ha!

The cupcakes

The elephant cookies. Recipe found at Our Best Bites . Matt said they were his favorite thing I have ever made.

Ahh.. love these jars! (Aunt Rachel let me borrow hers!)

Happy 1st Birthday banner and cousin Ashley :)

close up of the banner

Connor's milestone mantle


Before I put the hat on him:

After I put it on him :(

Much better when people started singing to him. Acting all shy!

He really wouldn't have anything to do with the cake. But once he saw us eating one of the cookies, he thought he'd try one. I think he liked it!


Chloe was cracking me up. She mimicked whatever I said. But in her adorable voice, it was much cuter!

The huge grin. The grabbing of the stomach. love it.

He is his father's son!

He loves his books!!!

Reading his card from Mommy & Daddy

some of the GUESTS

Gammie with the birthday boy

Libby, Uncle Kyle and Nana

Aunt Rachel, Uncle Brent, Aunt April and (soon to be) Uncle Josh

sweet church friend, Kennedy (she turned one on April 3rd)

Kikki and Chloe feeding the birthday boy :)

Uncle Lance giving the birthday boy his birthday kiss :)

I love my sweet friends!!!

Connor saying "baby". Hudson looks like he is saying "Oh no. He found me!"

MiMi and birthday boy BeBe and birthday boy

I just had to add this one in here, because your looking pretty good with a baby there Kayla ;)

and this one because it was just too sweet not to share. There is something so sweet to me about a baby and his daddy!

****all photos taken by Chesley Summar Photography ****


Ashley said...

I LOVE everything! It all looks so stunning and you did a great job! ;)

the workaholic momma said...

Wow-everything looks absolutely perfect - I loved all of the decorations and the pictures are amazing!! Great job:)

Meredith :) said...

Kelli, everything turned out amazing!!! Anytime you want to do this for a living, you just let me know! I could add a children's party planner to the business model... ;)

chesley said...

glad you like them :)! you waaaaay outdid yourself! you could seriously open your own etsy shop!

Lana Summitt said...

You did good, girl! You did good!


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