Tuesday, April 12, 2011

13 months

Connor actually turned 13 months old on Saturday and I completely forgot to take a picture and I'm not sure the swimming lessons provided any good ones. Unless you count this as a good one.

Ha. Pretty sure I'm not going to use that one to represent the 13 month of his sweet little life, even though I am storing that in my memory bank as a time I will never forget.

Thankfully Grandaddy and BeBe stopped by Saturday afternoon to play with him and they took him into my little tulip garden disaster area and I sent daddy out there to take a few pics.

I'm not sure I was prepared as to how much Connor would change this month. Not really in looks, but in personality and his ability to do different things. He has definitely entered into toddlerhood and as much as I am sad to see the "baby-ness" go, I am still loving this new stage in his life. Here are a few of the new things I am enjoying/experiencing:

mobility: He is getting better and better at walking. He never crawls anymore and even tries to run when he wants me to chase him down the hall. Yesterday he learned how to crawl into my lap and I love that. He brings me a book, says "Gak-u" (Thank you) and crawls into my lap. When he wants me to pick him up he will hold his arms up and hike his leg like he is going to crawl up my legs if I don't get him soon. He is also trying to crawl into the bathtub. Pretty soon I will not be able to leave him in there alone! He has also figured out how to climb off the couch by sliding down off his stomach.

Language : As mentioned above he has started saying Thank You instead of just using inflection to say it. It is definitely something that only we can recognize, but he is using it appropriately, so I am counting it as his first 2 word phrase (spoken like a true mom, right?!). He has really started saying Daddy a lot. He will talk about him a lot in the morning... I'm sure he is wondering where he is! He will point him out in pictures as well. He says Mama sometimes, but not anywhere near as much as he says Daddy. I mainly get it when he is upset :). A few other word he has added to his list is bubbles, book (more like "gook") and no. As far as understanding things, he has come a long way! This morning I was getting dressed and my pants were across the room. I pointed to them and asked him if he would bring the pants to Mommy. He promptly went over and brought them to me (and said gak-u..ha)! He also knows what to do when I sing the "clean up" song. What a nice change from when he would take whatever I had just put up and throw it back out!!! He is also starting to understand warnings (probably more the tone of our voices).

Teeth: His right lateral incisor finally broke through, putting him at a whopping 5 teeth! But don't think for a second that it slows him down in the eating department. He can gum that food like a champ!

Food: Speaking of food. He loves it. There really isn't anything he doesn't like, it is just a matter of getting it into his mouth for the first time. I can easily say fruit is his favorite. And don't even think of giving it to him cut up. He wants to take a bite of it whole, please. He also still loves green beans.

Favorites: reading books. Like I said earlier, he is bringing them to us now, but he also likes to just sit in the floor and flip through on his own. He started looking through his baby Bible recently and I love to see him do it. He also likes to empty things (toy basket, drawers, his dirty clothes basket, my purse) and then put them back up. His favorite day is laundry day. He will spend a good 30 minutes in the floor taking his dirty clothes out of the basket and putting them back in. I can't talk about favorites without mentioning bath time. I think he would take about 5 baths a day if I would let him! Oh, and I can't forget dogs. He has really taken an interest in them recently. At the easter egg hunt Sunday, Jaimes mother in law has a little dog. Connor was obsessed with patting the dog and even wanted to pick him up. That poor dog was a nervous wreck!

Dislikes: Grass. He doesn't like to walk around in it and if he falls he acts like he is stuck to the ground. We are working on that :). He rarely cries....until you say "let's go change your diaper." He knows what that means and goes limp in my arms and starts fussing. He also DESPISES getting his nose sunctioned. The good news is he has started blowing out his nose when I ask him to blow, so hopefully he will get better at that soon and we can get rid of it. I am a sunction nazi..I just can't stand for him to have anything in there!

He has had a slightly higher attachment to me lately, but I think the main reason right now is because we quit nursing. I can't say that I mind it, because I know the day is drawing nearer that Daddy will be "IT" and Mommy will mainly be on the sidelines. If this past month is any indication, I can't imagine what this next month will bring!!


Audra said...

These are priceless pictures K!! I will have to disagree with you on the garden....It looks so good! Did you plant any veggies this year??

the workaholic momma said...

AAWW - thank you so much for sharing all of the developmental milestones that Connor is reaching! He is such a precious little boy and seems to awfully sweet as well. Good job Momma:)


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