Wednesday, March 30, 2011

What I'm Loving Wednesday

Here is what I'm loving on this dreary spring day! (ha)

I'm LOVING that I get to announce that I am going to be an AUNT!!! Brent and Rachel are due to have a baby on October 28th! I'm thinking girl, but I also thought I was having a girl for the longest time! So what do I know?! haha Do you want to see a picture of my niece or nephew?Go here to see him/her! If you look closely I'm pretty sure he/she is sucking on his/her hands!! How sweet!!! I just can't wait to find out if they are having a boy or girl!

I'm loving the pictures Chesley took at Connor's birthday party! You can see them here ! I can't thank her enough for being there and capturing this day for me!!!

I'm loving that Connor has figured out how to "talk" on the phone. What's even more funny is that he cocks his head to the side and pulls his shoulder up just like I do!!

I'm loving that Connor just picked up a pen and started coloring on a sheet of paper the other day. I have NEVER shown him how to do that! (well, I take that back. I did it on some birthday cards last year, but geez louise, he was only 6 months old!) Anway, I picked him up some crayons the other day and he had a blast! He would color for a second, walk around with the crayon, then come back and squat down and color on the paper.

I know I won't stay so lucky for him to stay on the paper for much longer, but it was pretty cute :)

I'm loving all of his new birthday toys! We blew up the Mickey Mouse playhouse ball pit today that Uncle Brent and Aunt Rachel got him and he had a blast!!

It's the perfect size for inside the house, but it also has a little roof so it'll be good to play outside too! It'll provide a little sun protection :) (haha.. don't you like how I actually think he will stay in there?!)

So far his favorite thing is to throw the balls out of the pit and then put them back in.

I'm loving that little hand too :)

I'm loving that we are about 2 1/2 months away from going to the beach!! I.Can't.Wait!!!!!!!!!!!

I'm loving that I have Connor signed up for swimming lessons starting on April 9th! I'm excited to see how he does. I'ts mainly just to teach him how to float, what to do if he falls in, etc.

I'm loving the Easter shirt that Ashley made for him! You better bet I had him wearing it the day after St Patricks Day! He loved it, too! He was always pulling it out of his drawer to look at it and when I put it on him (he was sitting on the floor) he was looking down so far that he fell forward! ha! I'm thinking I want the airplane shirt next...and something for previously mentioned beach trip!

I'm loving my hubby. He is going out of town this weekend on a guys golf trip and I am going to miss him so much!!!

What are you loving on this Wednesday? Link up with Jamie to share!


the norman family said...

I love the party pictures! It was just perfect!

Emily P. said...

Your little one is just SO CUTE!

Greer's Gossip said...

Your little Connor is too cute! Congrats on becoming an aunt!!

Kit said...

What great things you are loving today! I hope that you had a great Wednesday!

Melanie Mueller said...

Hi! Stopping by from WILW.
Oh My Goodness! Your little man is ADORABLE!! I love the picture of him on the phone. Too Cute! I also love the Easter shirt. I need to see about ordering my littlest man one of those. I am a Mama to three boys! Aren't they so much fun?! Have a great rest of the week!

Kayla and Aaron said...

Love all the pictures from Connor's birthday party. So cute!


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