Thursday, January 20, 2011

Snow, Snow Go Away

As much as I love the snow, I am SO ready for Spring! And while it is so very pretty, I constantly worry about my hubby getting back and forth from work! I always hope that they will close, but I guess that's part of being an adult.

We had a fun day of playing and I am worn out! I did do the Shred again today. It was much better than the first time, but I guess I should just expect to be sore for the next 30 days, huh? I'm afraid that it is going to take more than the Shred to get this nice extra layer of skin around the ole belly to go away. I guess as far as my skin was stretched I should just be thankful it went back at all. I was... ummm... rather large at the end!

I have a new nickname for Connor. He is the 10 month tornado. I think his goal everyday is to see just how much more messy he can be than the day before. Matt has a pair of Muck Boots by the back door that Connor had knocked over last night, so this morning I picked them up. He was in another room (not even within eye sight) and he hightailed it into the kitchen and looked right at me and knocked them back over. I just left them like that. You gotta choose your battles! haha

Ok all you experienced momma's with boys. I need some advice. I am ordering Connor's jon jon for his birthday party (yes, I decided to just buy it instead of making it) and need help with the size. The following measurements are from back of neck to crotch seam:
9-12 mo: 16.5"
18 mo: 17.5"

I put a 12 month outfit on him today that measured 16" and he had about 1" of room to grow. So, should I order the 12 mo or 18 mo? I would like for him to be able to wear it throughout the summer. Oh, decisions decisions.

And for no reason at all I am going to add this video. Just a little glimpse into my days with my little man :)


Ashley E. said...

I will be ready for spring if I can lose 20lbs!!!

Rachel said...

I would buy 18mo. You can alwauys take it up at th shoulders to shorten it if needed. Then he can wear it several months! I understand the "tornado" phase! He is precious and YES picking your battles is a must or we SAHM's would go insane!

Karlye said...

I would buy 18 Month. Ryder was a March baby and he wore 18 month that entire summer after he turned 1.

Ashley said...

I call Hannah my tornado too;) it's amazing how much of a mess they can make at such an early age.


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