Monday, January 3, 2011

Christmas at Gammie and Pappie's

Last Wednesday we did Christmas at Matt's mom's house (Gammie and Pappie). We were going to do it on Saturday, but I'm glad we did it earlier. After seeing how excited she was to get started, there is no way she could have waited!
Libby graciously offered to take pictures for us, so once again I will let them do the talking.

Everytime we opened something he wanted to play with it, meaning he would not pay attention to the next thing we were opening. Therefore, Matt tried to hide the toys from him behind his legs. Do you think that stopped Connor? No siree. He just tried to climb over Matt's legs. It was so funny!

The first thing he would do with the boxes that had pictures of babies on it was give them a kiss:

and again:

Connor and his Gammie

I love this picture because it shows his sweet little fingers slowly letting go of the ball. He loves to let it roll off his palm. Then other times he loves to chunk it across the room. ha

Libby with the cute bag Pam got her. It has her name on the front too.

ha. I think I might have a climber on my hands.

Uncle Kyle opening gifts.

ALWAYS on the move!

Helping mommy open gifts.

He was so excited about my chocolate covered raisins!

***NOT PICTURED: I got a lot of other great things. One of them was the Clarisonic. Let me just tell you. It works wonders. My face is as smooth as Connor's. I actually look forward to washing my face!


Daddy needed help now.

Love this sweet boy!

Libby made me this adorable apron! I LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!

We had such a great time at Pam's house last week and this weekend and feel so blessed to have her in our lives!
I PROMISE that tomorrow is the last post about Christmas. I have some crazy cute pictures and videos coming up (that...SHOCK... aren't Christmas related), so don't give up on me!

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Lana Summitt said...

I have loved your Christmas posts! Excited for you and your iPad! And Connor couldn't be any cuter. Loved him opening those presents!


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