Tuesday, January 25, 2011

A boy and his bawl (known by most as ball)

Connor definitely loves his mommy and daddy. He is always excited to see us and continuously loves on us. But recently he has added a new love to his list.

And that is his ball (or bawl, as he so lovingly says in his deep southern accent that keeps Matt and I entertained). It's the first thing he says when we walk in the living room in the morning. If it is a circle and even somewhat resembles a ball, he wants it. For Christmas, his sweet friend Layla, got him this really cute helicopter that had 4 little balls that went with it. They are the perfect size to fit in his hand, so he loves them. So much that he has taken to carrying them around with him everywhere.

The ball is his "lovey"! I imagine one day, in the not so far off future, he will want to take it to bed with him. For now, he has settled with crawling around the house with it. He looks so funny trying to crawl holding that little ball, that I took a little video of it. Are you surprised?!

He reminds me of a pirate when he crawls like that!

Yesterday we got ready and made our first, of what I can only imagine will be 100, trip to Joann's to get some things for his part-ay.

My baby is really starting to look like a toddler and I am not handling it very well! He did not nurse very well today and it makes me worry that he is starting to wean himself! I instantly started crying, which I'm afraid might be the theme for the next few weeks! WILL SOMEONE PLEASE FIND THE PAUSE BUTTON AND PUSH THAT SUCKER!

He has changed so much in the past week. He is really starting to add to his vocabulary. He started saying bae be (baby) and what is so funny about it is that he uses the exact inflection I do! He also is saying ah de (daddy) and today while looking at a photo album he saw a picture of Matt and said it!

I was so stinking proud! Isn't that the greatest thing about being a mom? It doesn't matter when it happens. It could be early, right on time, or months late and it doesn't matter. You feel like your child is the smartest baby in the world!

I have been telling him what things are (ex:when he points at something, I tell him what it is) and just recently he has started mimicking me. Using the same inflection and tone, too. I could just eat him up!

We are finishing up last nights Bachelor and to say Matt is loving it would be an understatement. He keeps dying laughing and slapping his knee. He loves the drama! I'm not so sure he doesn't like the show more than I do!

Well I guess I need to go dig through my cabinets and see what I am going to eat tomorrow. We are supposed to get 3-5 inches of snow tonight and I didn't go to the store today like a true southerner does! Thankfully my husband is not afraid of snow or going to the grocery store! Y'all stay warm!

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Ashley E. said...

Oh my word!!! What a cutie. Oh and WAY TO GO for nursing this long!!! Addi weaned at 9 months and I cried a little. Haha!

Josh refuses to watch the Bachelor even though he will watch Real Housewives!

Simmons Family said...

So cute! Let me just tell you the "Bawl" thing probably wont get any better-that is Landry's favorite to still...it's just born in little boys to love them-and I'm glad to knw my little boy isn't the only one with a southern accent! Good luck with the party planning it's bitter sweet I know! We are working on our 2nd birthday now and it's killing me! Did you ever find a party hat like you were wanting??


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