Tuesday, November 23, 2010

He's giving away my lovin!

Man, have I been busy! I am a mom by day and Martha Stewart (in training) by night. Not to mention All My Children's story line hit the wall in craziness and has had me preoccupied at noon everyday. How in the world I got myself roped into that show is beyond me.

Saturday morning we had a realtor call and set up an appointment to show our house that day. Needless to say, I was NOT prepared. It had been 3 months since we had shown the house, so I had been doing some serious slacking on the cleaning front. Sweet little Connor just sat in his high chair while we provided, what I can only imagine was great entertainment. Thankfully, we got it clean, the showing went great and apparently she wants to come back with her dad to look at it. We'll see if that actually happens, but I have learned my lesson and have kept the house spic and span since then!

Anyway, while we were out of the house, we went by Kyle's to kill some time. While Daddy and Uncle Kyle played horrible video games, Libby and I watched Connor play with the "other baby" in the mirror. And jokingly, I told him to give the baby kisses. And he did it!

He would always smile afterwards. He was so proud of himself. Today he started kissing the babies in his books too. Gosh, I love this little boy!

I am so excited that tomorrow is Matt's Friday. Connor and I will have him home for 4 days!!! I have just been giddy thinking about it. It is very rare for us to be home, just the 3 of us, so I look forward to a couple of extra days for those precious moments!

**Thank you, Libby for capturing this sweet "first" of my baby boy. And the video? You made this momma very happy!**


Lana Summitt said...

Those are some good kisses!

Kayla J. Seaman said...

Bold and the Beautiful... addicted.

Ashley said...

Love it! I'm an All My Children fan too ;)

MiMi said...

While I thought the video of him kissing the baby was adorable...Uncle Lance cracked up when he watched it because he heard the sounds and recognized Matt was playing Call of Duty before he read the blog. These boys!!


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