Tuesday, November 9, 2010

8 months old!

Connor turned 8 months old today! I have spent the entire day marveling at the fact that my baby will be 1 year old in a mere 4 months. Praise God we have heaven to look forward to, because this time on earth tends to fly by!

I laid him on the sheep this time to see the difference.

And while there is a difference, it isn't that obvious in this picture. Then I found these two to compare.

And then I teared up. I would do just about anything to go back for just one day and hold that (still!) baby all.day.long! I just don't think I took enough advantage of that teeny tiny stage! Not that I don't love this one. He is so much fun these days and is always keeping me on my toes!

Connor, at 8 months you:
-are around 18 lbs. We don't weigh again until your 9 month appointment. I have a feeling you are going to be much longer. Either that or all of your clothes have shrunk! You are still in 6-9 month clothes and size 3 diapers.

-are getting more and more hair. You even have bed head sometimes, which I love. This morning you woke up with a serious Alfalfa do. I wonder if they make hair gel for babies?

-never.ever.sit.still. I can't leave you alone for a second these days. If I try to leave you in something that will keep you contained, you either protest or figure a way to get out. Today I left you in your highchair/booster while I finished my grocery list. I turned around to see this:

And the bumbo seat? Forget it. You have figured out how to crawl out of it competely.

-LOVE bathtime. I started giving you a bath in the kitchen sink every once in a while, so now everytime we walk past that sink or the bathroom sink you about jump out of my arms to reach and turn the water on. You will just splash and splash. I gave you a bath Monday and you figured out how to stand up your mini tub by leaning over and pulling up on the side of the big tub.

-will find your paci and put it in when you are tired. This makes car rides even easier when they were before! Sometimes you put it in upside down and don't even care. I think that is adorable!

-pull up on everything. You have gone from needing something to actually grasp to being able to do it by putting your palm up against the object (wall, entertainment center, etc). You have stood by yourself for about 2 seconds, but only did that once.

-have really started babbling more. You are still saying mama (and have even reached your arms out for me twice while saying it! I don't know if you actually know I am mama, but I let myself believe it in the moment :) ) and have started saying nananananana. It is very close to the same way you say dada, so hopefully that will be next!

-have started making the cutest little face when you are getting hungry. You jut your little jaw out ever so slightly, pucker your lips out and start rubbing your tongue against your bottom gum. It sounds weird, but it really is so cute! Hopefully I'll catch it on camera soon.

-are still shrieking. That and making the noise that sounds exactly like you are saying "huh". You love when we mimic you. Your favorite time to shriek is in the grocery store. I don't know why you love being in there so much... it must be all the attention you get!

-are the light of my life and I love you the whole wide world and then some!

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MMM MMM MMM How sweet!


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