Sunday, October 3, 2010

Proud momma and Giveaway winner!

I loved today. It was one of those days that I dreamed about while pregnant. Nothing extraordinary. Just a day of our little family hanging out together :)

We went to church and Connor was a S-T-I-N-K-E-R. See, church service is during his naptime and I've already told you how he is a creature of habit. He must be in his room, lights off, sound machine on to even think about going to sleep easily. He was tired, so to keep himself awake he was into everything. If I was holding the bulletin, he wanted it. He wanted communion. He wanted to play with the response cards. What a mess! I finally got up to see if I walked around if he would fall asleep. Yeah, right! He would lay his head down and then see someone walk by and up his head would pop so he could smile at them. I've got to give him credit.. he knows how to get attention! I finally went back in and just toughed it out for the rest of the service. I think he might be making a few trips to the nursery in the future!

We had already decided that since he could sit up on his own, we were going to take him to class so that we could go to our class and actually pay attention! I dropped him off and he didn't even turn around and look for me. He had all these new toys to play with and all the other babies to watch. So off I went with my pager in hand :)

I told Matt that I was just going to die if we walked in there to pick him up and he was sitting at the little table having actual "class". We walked in and what did we see?

I thought my face was going to crack I was smiling so big. It warmed my heart to the core to see my baby sitting at that table like a big boy. They said he was so good and just smiled and played with whatever they gave him to play with :) I was so proud! I asked him what he learned and he just giggled (seriously!), so it must have been fun! I have seriously re-lived that moment of picking him up and seeing him at that table all day. So stinkin cute!

We came home and had a relaxing day of just hanging out on the floor together and cheering on the Titans.

It was perfect :)

Ok, now on to the giveaway winner! Connor, my assistant for this event, helped me by picking the piece of paper out of the bowl.
It took him a minute because he couldn't quite figure out what it was he was touching in that bowl.
After swirling them around for a minute he drew one out.

And ate it.

He must know that this winner has potential of being his future mother-in-law and wants to impress her :) Congratulations, RACHAEL!!! I will get your wall flower in the mail to you tomorrow :)

I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend!

1 comment:

Lana Summitt said...

What a precious assistant!

LOVE the picture of you and him in your Titans gear. He's always hamming it up for the camera- and his mommy!


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