Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Where did my baby go?

Everday Connor is inching his way toward toddlerhood. Just this morning I looked down while eating my breakfast and saw this.

And he kept doing it all day long.

At first he just stayed in that position, getting a little frustrated that he couldn't figure out how to move.

Towards the end of the day he was rocking back and forth. Oh my.

Sometimes I'll catch a glimpse of things he used to do as baby. Then he does something to bring the big boy back into view.

He'll give me the bird mouth when I am switching sides while nursing. Then he'll reach up and pat/stroke my cheek once he gets latched on again.

When he is really tired he will tuck his thumb into his closed fist. Then he will startle and wake up and start grabbing my hair to go back to sleep.

Tonight he wanted to be held in a cradle hold like I used to do when he was a baby. I did it and realized I couldn't pat his bottom with the same arm I am using to support his body.

He spits the paci out when he doesn't want to go to sleep. Then he'll pick it up and put it in his mouth later on.

I remember when he was itty bitty (for like 2 weeks..ha) looking forward to him being mobile and more interactive. It felt like a lifetime away, but little did I know I would blink and it would be here. There are SO many things I love about this stage of his little life, but I am starting to realize I am quickly losing the "baby" in him. There is a book we got as a gift before he was born that is one of my favorite books and it made me think about all of this. I honestly can't remember who I got it from or if I even registered for it, but it makes me tear up everytime we read it.

I might have to make it a regular in my baby gifts from now on.

Tomorrow I am going to do my giveaway!!! I will tell you, it's not the nail polish. I had a particular one in mind, but couldn't find it, and once I get something in my head it is hard to switch! If this one goes well, AND if I can locate this silly polish, I will just have to do another one in the future! So, come back tomorrow to get the details and to make sure Connor hasn't magically turned 18 or something like that ;)

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Kayla J. Seaman said...

I will tune in tomorrow ;)


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