Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Starting off the summer with a swim!

I have been dying to get Connor in the water, but wanted Matt to be there too. We finally got time to do it this weekend! I was so excited to see how he would do. He really didn't give us much of a reaction. He was actually extremely still. After about 5 minutes or so he did start to kick his legs, so I think that is a good sign. He took an excellent nap, so I think it wore him out! Therefore, I went and bought us a pool the next day! HA! Anything to get this little stinker to nap!

I blew it up yesterday and we went and sat in it for a little while. I took his bath toys out there, so we played with those and read some books. When I would stand him up he would jump, so I think he is liking it more and more. I really want him to like the water, so hopefully this will help.

I'm pretty sure I have mentioned that we have the same routine everday for his naps. I rock him while singing Near The Cross right into his ear. He now knows that this means it is time to go to sleep and will start to fight it. It is HILARIOUS! His eyes are shut but he is talking and trying to stay awake. I have to try really hard not to laugh, because it sounds like he is trying to sing with me. He has started falling asleep with his arms around my neck, which is oh so sweet. I just want to rock him forever when he does that. I would if I didn't know that he slept better in his crib.

On a completely random note, I just found out that we got a Banana Republic and The Limited outlet in our town! You have no idea how happy this makes me! I might have to go check them out today!


AEGriffith said...

It's true! I've decided Connor can not get ANY cuter than he is now!

SiMmOnS FaMiLy said...

he is so adorable!! landry did the same thing for a while with fight sleep and especially naps!! He will still sing with us to try and keep himself awake and i always laugh at him. he has acutually started this new thing of when i am trying to rock and sing to him he will be just about asleep and then raise up look at me in the eyes and give me a huge smile and then put his hands on my face and kiss me on the lips!! he KNOWS how to get to my heart and then he tries to climb out of the chair-and yes it works every time! I mean how can I make him sit there when he is being so adorable and kissing me!?? haha! Good luck in the future-it doenst get any better b/c they only get smarter and they know mommas are suckers for their little boys! :)


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