Thursday, November 5, 2009

I can't wait for Thanksgiving!!!

Don't you love when you come across something that you didn't even know existed, but know that it was made for you? This happened to me at Target. I was browsing through the Halloween section and came across these:
I had a hard time only buying one bag. I mean they were 1/2 off! I restrained because I knew I would have no self control.

Look at them. They are perfect. They taste exactly like pumpkin pie! I can't wait for Thanksgiving, so I'm viewing this as a little appetizer. Maybe this will indulge some of my Thanksgiving dessert cravings... probably not, but one can hope, right???

On a side note, my mother in law bought Connor these adorable little shoes today!

Matt doesn't understand the purpose. I'm going to go ahead and say that this won't be the first item to be bought that he doesn't see the purpose. He's ok with it though :) I'm visualizing brown corduroy overalls with a long sleeve red turtleneck underneath. Of course I might get it on him and realize that he needs a creme turtleneck instead. I'm sure a 6 month old is going to be ok with that. What boy doesn't love multiple wadrobe changes??? ha. Boy, I'm in for it aren't I?


Candice Weeks said...

I have got to go get those! They are made just for me too! Pumpkin pie is my favorite!!!! I love this time of year :)

Susan said...

Oh my goodness! Those look so yummy! I need to try those...and I just happen to be going to Target today:)))) Love the little shoes just don't understand a lot about what we buy for our babies!!! LOL

Ashley @ Ramirez Family said...

These sound sooo good. I think I may just have to run to Target today to pick some up =)

noahandlylasmommi said...

yum. I have never seen those!!

Kayla J. Seaman said...

Cate has a closet full of those shoes (she grows out of them atleast every 3 months) and I love them!! They are so easy to put on her for everyday activity and she can walk in them better than any of her other shoes... practically slippers! :)


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