Sunday, October 18, 2009

Lazy Sunday randomness

What a weekend! First off, I want to say I am so stinkin proud of my Hogs. I knew we would play well, but I had no idea HOW well! Even though we lost, it was somewhat of a win in my book (this is where the woman part of football comes in.. ha!).
My friend Rach and I threw an engagement party Friday night for a couple getting married this Spring. It was so much fun to get to be with everyone. I just love being at engagement showers because I can remember that excited feeling of being the bride-to- be... nothing like it! I got there early Friday morning so Rach and I could cook and get everything ready for that night, so I got some special Layla time. I told her that we might be finding out if she is getting her first boyfriend on Thursday. She smiled at me, so I feel like that is a positive sign ;). I wish I would have taken some more pictures of her.. she is growing so fast and just has the cutest smile. Melts my heart everytime!
As most of you know Kelly's Korner hosts a Show Us Your Life post every Friday, and this Friday was reserved for women who have a website and sell things they make personally. I am so excited about it because I love shopping from these women. First off, I can do it in my pjs. Secondly, I love supporting their creativeness! I would say that most of them do it on the side, and I just think that is awesome. I am not going to lie, I am a little jealous :). To check it out and get some Christmas shopping started go to: Next week it will move to this address:
One last thing before I get off the couch and try to convice my husband to start putting the crib together (!!!). One of my bestests, Lana, from HU just started a blog!!! Go check it out at and give her a big blogger welcome!
Ta ta for now!

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