Monday, October 26, 2009

For the love of things FRIED!

Oh. My.Word. Have y'all seen Oprah today? She and Gayle travelled to the Texas State Fair and let me tell you. It makes me want to go. Granted, I would probably gain 15 lbs just walking through the gate, but I feel quite confident that it would be worth it. If you don't believe me, just take a look at these pictures. WARNING: CRAVINGS FOR ALL THINGS FRIED WILL BEGIN AS SOON AS YOU VIEW THIS!!!

These are Fletcher's corny dogs. First, I LOVE that they are called corny dogs. So country. I love corndogs. I have always loved them, but since I have been pregnant I have wanted one SOOOO bad. I guess it just follows suit with you want what you can't have. Anyways these have a jalepeno & cheese option which makes me weak in the knees to think about. Sign me up!

These are Abel's fried peanut butter, jelly & banana sandwiches. Enough said!

Abel also has fried butter. It sounds gross, but he just freezes a small piece of butter, wraps dough around it and fries it. Basically like a piece of toast, but better! Abel is a man of my own heart. (He makes so much money at the fair each year that he doesn't have to work except for those 3 weeks!!)
These are Fernie's deep fried peaches and cream. I love peaches and I love cute little elderly women. Done and done!

You can't go to the fair and not have a funnel cake!

This is also another gem by Fernie. Fried Grilled Cheese.

Chicken Fried Bacon. Who knew bacon could be any better than it already is?

I'm not really a Coke fan. I mainly just drink water, but I would try this Fried Coke!

This little guy is called the Green Goblin. Hollow out cherry peppers, stuff them with spicy shredded chicken and guacamole, then batter and deep-fry it all. Serve three to a skewer and top with queso. Yes, please.

This one is for the Mr. He loves mexican food more than any other human I know, but he also loves fried food. Well honey, I present to you FRIED GUACAMOLE!

I might just have to make a trip to Texas one year for this! Now I am off to cook a Weight Watchers meal since I feel guilty for just looking at this!


Lana Summitt said...

I would totally go with you. ROAD TRIP!

Candice Pair said...

I dont even know where to begin!!! Fried pb&j's?!?! Who knew?!

Susan said...

Kelli, are you trying to kill us! Thank you for sharing all of these yummies!! We have "pronto pups" aka corndogs where we are from and they are to die for also! I could so dive into that fried guacamole and chicken fried bacon...awww man, it all sounds sooooo good! My neighbor is from Texas, I need to ask her if I can go home with her!!! hahaha

Anonymous said...

yummy!! sorry but I have to go now...the kitchen is calling my name! Hope your having a great week! = )

Candice Weeks said...

I love your blogs! Your posts are great! And you are right, this blog made me crave all things fried! I love PJB's...and fried ones...that sounds like heaven!

Kelsey @ Seattle Smith's said...

Can I please have a corny dog like the one pictured PA-lease!!!


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