Sunday, September 27, 2009

All about my man :)

I love my man. God blessed me in so many ways, and Matt Kegley is definitely one of them! I had always heard that having a baby would make you closer in ways you couldn't imagine, but I always figured it was after the baby came. Matt has been amazing from the beginning and he just keeps getting more and more adorable the further the pregnancy gets. As excited as I am to become a mom, I am just as excited for him to become a dad. He loves that my belly is getting bigger. He is constantly rubbing and kissing it (sorry if that is TMI). Today at church when people would ask how I am feeling he would pull my shirt tight against my stomach and proudly say "We are great!" If you know Matt well, this isn't really his personality so it is fun to see him so excited.
Lately I have been inhaling some pickles. I don't know what it is but I can't get enough! I really love the mini dills. SOOOO good! Matt surprised me the other day by bringing home a Big Papa. It was one of those huge dill pickles that they sell at sporting events. He said he was so embarassed to buy it and even told the guy at the cash register that it was for his pregnant wife. Ha!

My extra large jar of mini dills

Me with the Big Papa dill :)

This next part is completely random, but too good not to share. We went to Publix after church to pick up some cookies for LifeGroups tonight. Matt was hungry and wanted to buy everything he saw. The following two items were completely his idea, but of course I didn't put up a fight.

The ice cream is a chocolate ice cream with strawberry pieces, chunks of chocolate cake and swirls of chocolate icing. All together now: YUUUUM! We haven't had the cookies yet, but I have no doubts they will be heavenly :)


Kelsey @ Seattle Smith's said...

Blue Bell is my FAVORITE ice cream ever, and they don't sell it in Washington!! Sad day and I am jealous of your ability to buy it!

Kelli Kegley said...

It is my favorite too! I only recently tried the homeade vanilla for the first time. Growing up in Arkansas, we had Yarnell's, so I always had that. I had never found anything that compared until Blue Bell. It was a match made in heaven :)


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