Thursday, November 20, 2008

God's amazing artwork

I love fall in Tennessee. I don't really understand how anyone can look at the beautiful process of changing colors in the trees and still not think there is a God. I have taken my camera with me everywhere this past week so that I could capture some of the amazing trees in Lebanon. Now that all of the leaves are on the ground I hope to capture that in the next few days. I also figured out how to make one color pop out in my pictures while the rest stays black & white. I just wish I would have known my camera could do this the whole time! I guess that is what the manual is for. Matt really thought it was funny that I was pulling over on the side of the road to take pictures of trees. Dad, I guess I got that from you :) Although you will not find me sliding down into a creek trying to take a picture :)!!!!

One of the trees I just stopped to take a picture of in Lebanon
Another one in Lebanon. That grey spot in the tree is because that spot was green!

This one was in our yard!

On the way to Arkansas


Kayla J. Seaman said...
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Kayla J. Seaman said...

Love the pictures!! Kelli's Photography...I can see it now! :) Have a wonderful Thanksgiving! Hope to see you soon!


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