Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Pumpkin Patch 2013

A few weeks ago my friend, Jaime, and her precious baby Dallas, jumped in the car with us to head to our yearly pumpkin patch visit.  We went to a local patch and while it wasn't anything near as big or good as some around us, it was FREE. Which totally equals awesome in my book!  :)

We headed out on the 30 minute drive and y'all. Cade growled the entire way. Hand motions with it and all. I'm sure Jaime thought he was wacko and Dallas was just wondering where the animal was that we had stashed in the car. I think he was just making sure we didn't forget about him sitting in the back! 

Aren't those boys precious?! We sure do have some pretty boys if I do say so myself.  

Connor wanted a picture by himself with the scarecrow. Cade wasn't as convinced it was a good idea, but he was fine with me holding him. 

They had a little hay maze set up and basically threw an assortment of outdoor toys in there. 

Some had all the wheels.. others didn't. Jaime and I just laughed, but the boys didn't seem to mind! 

Connor loved the make shift slides! 

They also had a little barn with corn and shovels/dump trucks in it to play. As you can see, the front end had fallen off of one of the toys! 

Whats a pumpkin patch without milking the cow??? I LOVE Dallas' little face in the background! 

I tried to get a picture of the boys looking into the camera to showcase their big blue eyes. Cade DID NOT want to stop playing and let me take his picture. A-TI-TUDE! 

This is the best I was able to get of him. He is such a mess. Sometimes he will stop what he is doing and say "CHEEE" and other times he can't be bothered. The great thing is Connor will usually notice he is not be a very good subject and will say, "I'll take a picture for you, Mommy." So, at least that positive comes out of it!

Mesmerized with the roosters and chickens in their supposed pens. Those things were nasty. The water was green that they were drinking.  It was sad, really! 

Thanks Jaime and Dallas for going with us to the pumpkin patch!

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