Wednesday, December 19, 2012

8 months old!

Oh goodness. I am going to blink and my baby is going to be a year old. 4 short months away. How did this happen? 


My sweet little Cade. That is probably the best way to describe you. You are just SO SWEET! You are a little lover and I love that about you! You will smother me in sweet kisses and are constantly crawling your way over to me so I can pick you up. If I am sitting on the floor with you and your brother, you love to try to pull up on me. You are probably my biggest fan right now. If I have been gone, as soon as I walk back in the door you get pretty excited and start speed crawling towards me. Makes me swoon, my boy! 

You still haven't mastered crawling with your stomach off the floor, but you use both your arms and legs to crawl. You will pull your knees up, but just haven't quite figured it out. You can get where you need to go this way, so you aren't too concerned with it, I guess! 

cade 8 month 3

You are a mischievous little booger. Your newest love is finding the spider glue traps around the house and trying to chew on them. You are also obsessed with Connor's potty seat. Well, that and the tags on the Christmas presents. You KNOW you aren't supposed to go after them, because as soon as you see me coming for you, you start crawling faster and laughing! 

You have pulled up on me once, but haven't mastered pulling up on other things. You do love to stand, though, and will lock your legs when I try to sit you down on the floor. You lock those legs, push those heels against the floor and arch your back. You are so strong, too, that it takes me a few times to get you to bend your legs so I can sit you down! 

cade 8 month 2

You can go from sitting to crawling with ease now, which made this little photo shoot interesting! You would crawl right off the bed had I let you! 

You have finally gotten back to your normal nap schedule for the most part. Unfortunately, you have picked up waking up once in the middle of the night. You aren't hungry, you just want to be held. You still don't have any teeth, but I'm not sure that is what is bothering you. I'm not too worried about it. You will go back eventually! 

You are constantly saying da da da. So much so, that Connor will finally say, "No, Cade. Daddy is not here. He is at work!" 

cade 8 month 1

You are so intentional with your hands and have the strongest grip. You need to come with a warning label for when people hold you that says your favorite thing to do is grab noses, ears and mouths. As for toys, you LOVE Connor's tub of animals. You will sit there and take them out one by one. You take one out, give it a little chew, put it/drop it on the floor beside you and grab another one. You really don't have much interest in baby toys, much to your big brothers dismay ;). 

My sweet Cade, you have no idea how much joy you bring into our family. The light that shines through those big, beautiful eyes are just almost too much for me to handle. You are truly such a happy baby and I love you more than you know! 

And, of course, a comparison! They are soooo different to me!!!
connor:cade comparison

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