Thursday, November 15, 2012

The times: They are a-changin'

Sometimes it is hard to understand why people are reacting a certain way to a situation until you are in it yourself. Most of the time it is easy to not consider their feelings and just think about how they should be acting. 

It has just hit me that I have totally been doing that with Connor. I have been pretty frustrated with him lately. I felt like his misbehaving pretty much happened overnight and I just couldn't understand why. I didn't even stop to try to figure out, either. For that, I am frustrated with myself. It is easy to blame it on his age, but why?
He was explaining to Cade that this is "Your first wagon ride, Cade. You're going with me."

Why not take the extra time to try to understand? It's times like this that I wish he could have the comprehension for me to sit him down so I could apologize. Tell him that I'm going to try not to be so rash in my judgement anymore. 

But, actions speak louder than words. From here on out in a situation like this one, I am vowing now to take a minute and try to look outside him and see if there is anything else going on that could be affecting him.

In this case, I think it was this cute as a bug, makes me swoon with those big blue eyes and long eyeleashes, little brother. 

He is an avid fan of his big brother...and his big brother's toys. If he had a choice between his toys and Connor's? No contest. Connor's every single time. And now that he is *army*crawling all over the house, he has somewhat rocked Connor's little world. He no longer has the freedom to do whatever he wants, because within minutes of him putting his toy of choice on the floor Cade is there with his hands all over it. 

 Case in point: 

Don't get me wrong. I want him to share. I DON'T like hearing the "mine" word being thrown around so much. I know it is normal, but I don't want it to be constant. I want him to be able to share and ultimately I want him to understand none of this stuff is actually ours, but His. 

HE SWINGS!!! First time in almost a year! He kept saying, "I like it, Mommy! It's fun!"

I know we have a while before he will understand most of this...I'm not naive. But I also know that not trying to validate his feelings, even with his young age, is naive. He has never failed to surprise me in the things he understands and I have no doubt that this would possibly turn out the same way. 

So, boo on me. I was rash in judgement. I realize that now and Thank you dear Lord that tomorrow is a new day!

Side note: Tomorrow is a big day around here. Connor is having a big Toy Story POTTY PARTY!!!! Bye bye, diapers. Hello, so cute I could die, boxer briefs!! Say a little prayer for us. I know he is ready and so am I, but it's still a big day! 


April said...

I have been struggling with this too with Jonah. He is totally vocal now and we have encouraged that and he is the only child/grandchild right now so he is not great with sharing or understanding why he should share. Combine that with church and having to be quiet and share with others and it is hard to explain and make him understand sometimes without being harsh and disciplining him. Ugh! I felt last night that I need to just take a chill on it all and he will get there but it's not going to happen over night because he is just 2! Anywho.....I think I know what you're going through.

Katie said...

GREAT pictures you got of the boys in the wagon! They are just too sweet:) I feel you with the guilt about being so rash with the's so hard not to act in the moment when they are being whiney and acting out. You are so right that maybe we just need to sit back and think about what exactly they are going through! Good advice momma!

And the question of the day! Where did you find toddler boxer briefs??? I have been searching high and low! We are waiting until baby girl arrives and is settled before this venture will begin but I want to be prepared...and boxer briefs are totally a must! Good luck on potty day and I can't wait to hear all about it.


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