Tuesday, November 27, 2012

The one with no pictures

Well, I sat down last night to finally put together a Thanksgiving post and the dreaded "you have run out of photo storage. Click here for more options" message came up. Now I just have to decide which one to pay for. I'm not going to lie.. it's going to make me much more aware of the pictures I am putting up. (Not of the boys, grandparents. You can start breathing again ;) ). 

So, until I decide you will just get a few thoughts from me. 

-My baby boy has been super sick this past week. He woke up last Tuesday with what I thought might be pink eye. He had some visible gunk covering it and it was very slightly pink. As I mentioned in my last post, the dr said he was on the tail end of a viral infection and we got him a nebulizer and inhaler to monitor some breathing treatments as needed. Well, he continuously got worse and on Thursday night he was so pitiful he wouldn't sleep unless he was touching me. Thankfully, we were at Gammie's house and she has a twin bed in the baby room as well. We slept there all night, until he woke up around 5 crying and just could not be settled. He had a terrible fever, too. He hadn't really eaten very well the night before, so I tried to feed him. That made him even more mad and that continued throughout the day. Finally after he went down for a nap that afternoon (without eating all day,  mind you) I decided to call the dr back. They left it up to me whether or not to come in and I decided I would just feel better for him to be seen. I'm so glad we did, because he had an ear infection!! I'm not sure I would have ever known because I just thought he was pitiful from the viral infection. He said that, thankfully, the worst of the sickness (which he said was definitely a bronchial infection, probably RSV) was over and the meds for the ear infection would take care of that. He still wouldn't nurse when we got home, so I pumped and gave him a bottle. I was a little heartbroken worrying that he was going to start weaning himself, but I found out the next day that not nursing is a sure sign of an ear infection. The lying down, in accompaniment with the sucking, hurts their ears. This is our first time dealing with an ear infection, so I didn't know that! Thankfully, he is back to eating again (and making up for those times he didn't!). The dr said that the runny nose and cough could last up to 10 to 14 more days..boo, and we are going back today to get the 2nd round of his flu shot and to check his breathing again. I am SO thankful for our wonderful pediatrician's office. 

-So, the whole sleeping with him throughout the night? Yeah, that was awesome. Just knowing he was safe and felt comfortable enough to sleep made me so happy. He might or might not have wormed his way into our bed one night once we got home, too. I know I don't need to make a habit out of it, but man it's hard when they are sick! 

-We have totally gotten into the Christmas mode here. All of our decor is up, Christmas songs are blaring. Now I just need to get the pumpkins off the front porch...oops. Oh, and THE Elf has made his first appearance in our house. Connor, of course, named him Buzz. Seriously, that kid is OBSESSED! 

-Speaking of Connor, he is rocking the potty. I can pretty much just leave it at that, because he isn't having any problems. We are still having to make him go once I see the classic signals, but I'm not sure that isn't just a boy thing. He finally had a BM on there today and afterwards he told me, "Mommy! I like going to the potty!" So, maybe he was just afraid of that happening and now that it has, he won't be as hesitant to go real quick?? Who knows. All I know is I don't have to change those diapers anymore and that makes me happy! HA! 

Has anyone else dealt with the photo storage issue? Did you just give up and pay or did you miraculously find a way around it? Do share!!!


Tami said...

I really think Google is having an error because I'm getting the same message but when I check it shows that my storage is only 40 percent full! I've been uploading my pictures on Flickr and then pasting the HTML code. It's such a pain!

April said...

So sorry you all have had sickness. Jonah has been sick too with a viral infection but finally got over the fever. Now his is just stuffy. I just hope we get all this sickness out of the way now instead of at Christmas. I have gotten that message some but I just go in and delete a few pictures from my storage and upload what I need to or I use Photobucket too and post the codes to my html post.


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