Thursday, September 20, 2012

Apparently I need to live in a bubble...

Whew. This has been some kind of week! It all started with a sore throat on Friday, followed by extreme coughing and this morning it is hopefully ending with pink eye in both eyes. I catch myself going to scratch my eyes at least 2 times per minute. I am trying to just not think about it, but the lovely burning sensation kind of keep that from happening. I haven't had pink eye since high school (that I remember), but I knew as soon as I woke up and couldn't open my eyes that is what it was. In all honesty, I can handle this over the coughing any day. I just don't want the boys to get it! 

send the cars down the "robe" flip it over and repeat.

Oh, and did I mention Matt was sick this weekend, too? Yeah, we have been a hot mess here! Thankfully, Connor was able to stay with BeBe and D-daddy on Saturday so that he could go to church with them and give us some time to rest up. Matt was good and rested. Me? Not so much. Cade has no pajamas right now for some reason, so I pulled out all of the 6-12 month clothes and washed them. That was about 10 loads in and of itself. I'm so glad they are able to share clothes, because you forget how fast they go through it all!

Little brother was SERIOUS about getting all of those cars in a pile around him. He was moving so fast. 

 Anyway, since I didn't spend my time wisely Saturday my amazing husband has come home to a messy house with no supper every day this week. The boys have napped well each day, but I couldn't ever bring myself to do anything but lay on the couch and watch Friday Night Lights rest during that time. It's all about getting better, right?

Seriously, he did all of that by himself. I realize it wasn't intentional, but hilarious nonetheless!

Here's to waking up tomorrow morning feeling like a new woman!! AND, if my boys can keep from getting any of this junk, that'd be great, too!

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