Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Dr. Connor

 Last night as I was getting Connor ready for bed, we were also playing and wrestling. Mommy's can wrestle, too, you know! That was one thing I missed a lot while pregnant. Being able to roll around the floor with Connor. At one point I put a sock on his arm and told him he had broken his arm and had a cast. He dove right into the imagination role and started whining and saying, "Mommy! It hurts! Where does it hurt, baby? Right, here", while pointing to his arm. "Connor get a cast?" It then turned into a snake that attacked me, and I love to see that imagination! Of course, after all that fun, he wasn't too keen on the idea of going to bed, so I promised him we would play doctor today and he could even have his own office. We started getting everything set up after breakfast, and we had to start by decorating a doctors hat first.  

He learned to bend the paper to get the sticker off and I made a big deal out of it, telling him good job and kissing him. From then on out he wanted a kiss after every sticker. Praise is definitely one of his favorite things! 

 In fact, if he does something nice and if I don't praise him quick enough, he will just praise himself. HA! 
 While Bullseye sat in the waiting room, Elmo was our first patient of the day.

Gammie got him this doctors kit at Joanne's a few weeks ago, and it has been a big hit. His favorite is the heartbeat. I think it is from going to all of the dr appointments with me when I was pregnant. 

It also has a bedpan in it and when I told him what you are supposed to do in it, he automatically sat on it.

"Connor's going potty, Mommy!"

 Apparently Dr Connor took the rest of the day off after checking Elmo out, because off they went to play on DaddyMommy's bed. He loves playing on our bed! 

After Cade woke up from his nap, I gave him a bath. I just love a freshly bathed baby! His hair is coming back in pretty quickly! And take a look at those eyelashes! They curl and everything. So.not.fair!!!

He was mesmerized by the camera.. I could not get him to smile for anything! 
Connor kept telling him that the circle (the shutter) was going to get him, because that is how I can sometimes get Connor to look. 
I cannot get over those big blue eyes! 
I have this weird thing about fingernails and toenails...I just always pay attention to the shape of people's nails.. and I have loved Cade's little toenails from the beginning! I just think they are so pretty. I'm sure you all think I'm weird now! ha!

I had a hard time holding him up and keeping him from kicking off my lap (he is STRONG), but I had to show off those blue eyes! I think he is going to end up having darker blonde hair. It is coming in that way at least... and it might have a slight red tint to it, even. 

Little man decided that a nap wasn't in his plans this afternoon, so needless to say it has been an interesting one. He is napping right now, which I'm sure will mess up his bedtime, but I can't handle the crying!! His big brother did this almost every single day around this age, so I'm just thankful that this is a rare occurence!!!


the workaholic momma said...

Dr. Connor looks like he takes his job seriously!!! How cute that you set everything up - I love it!!! And those darling pictures of Cade and his big blue eyes totally make me want a second:)

April said...

That is so cute! I have a big baby feet fetish so don't feel bad.

Tami said...

Oh my goodness! Connor is too cute as a little doctor! I love that he sat on the bedpan! That is too funny!

Aspiring Kennedy said...

I think Dr. Connor's handwriting is on par with other doctors! What a fun morning and I hope that all of his patients were cooperative.


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