Saturday, April 28, 2012

1 week old

I have been trying to type out another post since my last one! Seriously every single time I start, I would fall asleep! I just can't do anything past 7 at night right now. I'm too tired! I have SO much to get caught up on and I'm sure I will eventually! Little man had an eventful first week, that is for sure! 
I was so excited for Connor to get to the hospital later that morning so that he could see Cade again. He (Connor) was out of it right after he was born, so I wasn't sure how much he understood. He did much better, as you can see!
 Sporting their Big Brother, Little Brother shirts. Please excuse me.. that is what you get after 1 1/2 hours of sleep after having been up for 25 hours!
 Getting some skin to skin time with Daddy!
 Be still my heart! Love to see my big boy loving on my little boy!
 Our family of 4 is ready to go home!
 Connor was very excited that baby Cade was riding next to him!
 Wearing the same outfit Connor wore home. 
 When I lay him down on his back, this is what happens. He rolls over to his side every time! I'm hoping that once he gets some fat on him he won't be able to do this so easily!
 Cuddle time with Mommy.
 Cuddle time with Daddy. Connor held Cade's hand for probably 15 minutes straight. He sure does love his little brother!

Some of the things I have loved most this week: 
  • Fully realizing that I now have TWO sweet boys. I had a moment when we were all in the car where I just felt so overwhelmed with complete happiness. I am humbled by the fact that God has given me these two precious boys to raise!
  • Watching those sweet expressions you make and seeing flashes of your big brother in them.  There are a lot of pictures that we can't tell you two apart.. especially when your dark hair is covered up! 
  • Having you turn your head towards my voice and look at me with those big blue eyes. 
  • Speaking of big blue eyes, you are so alert! You came out with your eyes open and you usually have two pretty long awake periods throughout the day. One is in the morning from around 9-11 and the other is in the evening from around 7-9. One day you didn't have one at all and we tried everything we could to get you to wake up (you did wake up to eat, although we had to wake you), which led us to a 24 hour stay at Vandy...more of which I will talk about later.
  • Watching the many smiles you give while sleeping. Sometimes they literally light up your entire face!
  • You were nursing great in the hospital, but for some reason started to only nurse about 10 minutes total when we got home. Sometimes it is 10 to 15 minutes on each side and then other times you are back to just 10. It has me worried, but I am hoping it will work itself out soon. I had no idea just how much I missed nursing until you got here. My word, it is one of the best things in the world, I think! 
  • You are sleeping pretty well for a newborn! You have only had one night where you woke up multiple times, but even then you nursed and went right back to sleep. You won't take a pacifier... I am it right now!  Other than that night, you pretty much only wake up once around 2 and then again around 5-6.  Oh, and you are in your crib already! 
  • We are soaking in the newness, because your big brother taught us that it goes by soooo fast. I have had a few naps with you, which were pure heaven. 
  • Watching your daddy become a daddy again and falling in love with him even more! 
  • Watching your big brother take on this new role with such amazing ease. I pray y'all are best friends!! 
I'll tell you like I tell your big brother, I love you the whole wide world and then some sweet boy!!!

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the workaholic momma said...

aaawww...just reading this post makes me SO happy for you and your beautiful family. It sounds like you guys are getting along perfectly....minus the 24 hour stay. Addie never wanted to nurse long and it used to scare me but she always did well at her appointments so the dr. told us not to worry (easy for him to say;)) It melts my heart that Connor is such a sweet compassionate soul and clearly so in love with Cade!!!! Hope you guys are having a wonderful weekend:)


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