Monday, January 30, 2012


Friday night Connor and I got to share a "first" together. The circus!!! I don't know who was more excited about it.. me or Billy! We all met up at Demos' beforehand to eat and Rachel, Brent and Rowen joined us. They didn't come to the circus, because something about circus doesn't quite scream 3 month old! Connor was very interested in everything Rowen was doing during supper. It won't be long before they are best buds!

We got to the arena at the perfect time... less than a minute before it started!

Once it started Connor was fixated on everything. I didn't get to see much of the show because I was so focused on him. I didn't want to miss one expression! He was so serious throughout and it is because he was taking everything in. He did laugh and smile quite a few times, so I do know he enjoyed himself!
The whole crew during intermission.
I didn't take many pictures of the show, because I didn't think they'd turn out that great. Matt did get some great ones of the elephants. They were my favorite. So pretty! The funniest thing was when they would walk around the arena and they would hold the tail of the elephant in front of them with their trunk. At one point there was one elephant that was not cooperating and had his tail curled up on his side and the elephant behind him was trying his hardest to get that tail. So cute!
The tigers were also crazy. Matt leaned over at one point and said "I think that guy is about to get eaten!" It truly is crazy what they can train those animals to do!

Afterwards we stopped and looked at all the stuff they had for sale. Plus, I wanted a picture in front of something that would show we were there :)
Sigh. My little man looks so grown up.
Of course, the elephant he liked was $90!!!! They were smart enough to put it right at eye level with the toddlers and the cheaper ones higher where you couldn't see them! Which, we said no to any stuffed animal. He already sleeps with about 7.. we don't need to add any more!
Talking to D-daddy about the "nenuts".
We had such a great time. Thank you D-daddy and BeBe!!!!!

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