Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Let there be LIGHTS...at Opryland Hotel

Last Friday we had a family fun night planned with the Casto's. Our plan was to get NYNY pizza and head to Opryland Hotel to look at the lights and take some family pictures for Christmas cards. Once we got there the men dropped Angie and I, with the kids of course, off at the front door. While they were parking the car I realized my camera wasn't taking pictures and come to find out.. the battery was dead! Thankfully, I found a plug and plugged it in before they got back. Can you imagine if I hadn't had a camera?! While it charged and Angie took Mr. Climber up the stairs, Connor and Sophie broke it down for the people around them.

Gosh, they are precious to me. Before we headed out to all of the lights, I wanted to get some pictures of Sophie and William in front of the poinsettia tree. William was all about me taking some pictures of him.. as long as I showed him the picture afterwards :)

The funniest thing was how he wanted to lean up against these little trees they had around the bottom. We couldn't get him to not lean against it! I love his face here, because he is backing up just waiting for it to tickle him!

Afterwards, we headed out to see the lights. Momma Sophie corralled the boys and led the way.
I always joke and say I don't have to worry about where Connor is when Sophie is around, because I know she will be taking care of him!
The first atrium we went into was the main one with the bridge. I don't know what it was but Connor kind of freaked when we walked on the bridge. He must not have liked that he could see out the side? I'm not sure, but I can't say I blame him. I'm sure he'll grow out of it and scare me to death in the near future ;).

I didn't get many pictures of the lights because I was so worried that the camera would die. I did, however, have to snap a picture of this cutie. I could just eat her up in that red dress and headband!

I got Connor and Sophie to pose for a picture for me so I could test out the lighting and this pose just cracks me up!

Angie got a great picture of us for our Christmas cards and hopefully I got one they liked as well. Afterwards, Sophie and William went to see Santa since there was no line and they were dressed so stinkin cute! When we walked by Connor wrapped his legs tightly around me and said NO! HA! He thought I was going to go make him sit in Santa's lap again! He would say Hi to him and wave, but when I asked if he wanted to sit in his lap he would quickly say "no". Unfortunately, William had the same sentiments about Jolly ole Santa. (Except for that Santa. He was anything BUT jolly!)

Yep, this is a framer :)

We had such a good time! We didn't get home until 10ish, which made for some very tired kiddos, but it was well worth it!!!


Anonymous said...

The last picture on this blog. The one of all three kids... Connor looks like he might be 5 years old. And maybe dating Sophie. Oh. My. Goodness!!! I can hardly stand it! Plus.. could those three BE any cuter???


Angie said...

We had a blast. I love watching our kiddos love on each other. :-) Thanks for inviting us!


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