Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Anniversary celebration weekend

So I haven't blogged in a few days. I believe I am in a funk! Actually, these past few days I have spent my nights playing stupid Free Cell. Matt got me HOOKED! I know, it's that exciting around here! ha!

Last weekend Matt and I finally got a chance to celebrate our anniversary. We knew we wanted the weekend to ourselves, but decided to save some money and just stay at home and ship Connor off to Gammie's house. :) Every year we do a fondue night at home with a wonderful recipe that I got from a Rachel Ray magazine. I always look forward to it and always eat way too much!
This year we scaled back and just had steak, bacon, potatoes and bread. We still had leftovers. And don't you worry, that is just sparkling cranberry juice in that wine glass :). Which, by the way was incredible! I got it at Kroger for about $2 :)
After that we watched Water for Elephants. I liked it, but Matt wasn't a huge fan. He said he couldn't feel the chemistry between Robert and Reese, which I can agree with, but I still liked it. I loved Reese's hair throughout the entire movie too. I think I would have loved to live in that time period. A lot of the earlier time periods, actually. Purely for the fashion and music.

Saturday morning we woke up and went to eat at the Pancake Pantry. I love that place and Matt had never been (can you believe he grew up here and has never been?!). I told him the only rule was that he couldn't complain about the line.. and he didn't! I think he was impressed and Lord knows I was! Of course there was the cutest little blonde headed boy that was a little bit older than Connor in the line in front of us. It definitely made us miss our little boy!

Afterwards we had the bright idea to go hike (well, really walk since there isn't many hills) the trail around Radnor Lake. Although it probably wasn't a great idea to do it right after eating pancakes, we really enjoyed it. We definitely missed Connor during this because we knew he would have loved it!
I had read that you could see a lot of wildlife throughout the trails. The only things we saw were these turkeys and quite a few ducks.
The leaves had mostly fallen, but I still think it was beautiful!
We will definitely be going back... and taking little man with us! After our walk we went home and crashed. We were exhausted! We needed to rest up before we officially became a house divided for the Tennessee/Arkansas game! If you follow football, you will know that it was very ugly for Tennessee, but very, very pretty for Arkansas! Woo Pig! Although my man didn't enjoy the game, he did enjoy our supper of Hamburger sliders. One of the things I loved the most about our weekend was our time in the kitchen together. We used to cook together all the time, and while we still do, those of you with little toddlers know it is not the same!

We met up with Gammie and Connor the next morning at church and the lovin' he gave me all day was so sweet. While I was cooking lunch he would just run over to me and say "MOOOOMMMYY!!" and wrap his little arms around my legs. Melt my heart!!

Although we obviously missed little man, we loved our weekend together and can't wait to do it again!

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