Monday, October 17, 2011

A few prayer requests

-Last week my cousin's family went through a tragedy that is absolutely unimaginable. His wife and son were killed in their home by a man that they had filed sexual battery charges against for molesting their son. Please, please, please pray for Les and his 3 boys as they have to go on in this life on earth without their mom and wife. Also for the rest of the family that lost their sister in law/daughter in law and nephew/grandson.

-Last month on one of the blogs I read, Little Moments Like This , asked for prayer requests for her 14 month old nephew, Matthew. They had just found out that he had Acute Myeloloid Leukemia. I emailed her asking if it were ok if I shared it on my blog, and somehow just now saw that she said it was ok. I read on her blog today that he is back in the hospital for another round of chemo, but the good news is that he is in remission! Please pray for continued healing and for strength for his parents.

-My MIL emailed my asking me to pray for her dog's vet. She was diagnosed with this rare form of cancer that has caused her kidneys to shut down. On top of the chemo and now dialysis she has a 7 year old and a 9 month old, both little boys. Her name is Leslie Schumacher.

Thank y'all. I so believe in the power of prayer, so if you would please add these to your prayer lists!


Ashley E. said...

Oh my word, that is so horrible. I am SO sorry and will pray for them all! Hugs!!!

Janelle said...

Oh my goodness! I will definitely be praying for all of them!!


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