Monday, July 11, 2011

16 months

I cannot believe that in 2 short months my baby will be 1 1/2 years old!

mobility: His favorite thing to do right now is run. As soon as you say "Go, Connor, go!" he is off. He has attempted climbing onto the couch, so I imagine that will be any day now. He is still really cautious on the back porch, which I am SO thankful for!

language: One of the big things were people's names. He has almost every family member down, but still focuses on saying the men's names the most. I don't know what that is all about! The most important thing (to me at least!) is that he is FINALLY saying MAMA!!!!!!! The cutest thing in the world happened the other day. I was in the bedroom doing my bible study and Matt was watching Connor. I had the door shut, so he didn't know where I was. I could hear him walking around saying, "Mama" followed by a "hmm?" You could tell he was looking for me! I'm pretty sure I melted into a puddle right then and there! He has also started to respond with the words "yes (esh) or "no" pretty regularly. I love to hear his sweet "no"! He has added so much more to his vocabulary that I'm sure I'm forgetting some, but here is what I can remember right now: "biper"-(diaper), "ish"-(fish) "dink"- (drink) "car" -(car) "ear"- (ear) "bawl"-(bowl) "bu"- (blue). He is starting to really enjoy the little rhymes that involve hand motions (head, shoulders knees and toes, The Itsy Bitsy Spider and This little piggie) and will mimic me pretty well.

Teeth: still no molars!

food: we have our good days and our bad days. I have figured out that he will eat just about anything with cheese on it. He IS his father's son ;). He will also eat something that he had just flat out refused if I give him the iPad to play with. It probably isn't a great habit to start, but what else am I to do? At least he is at the table...right?!

favorites: Same as last month, being outside. One thing I have noticed a lot this month is how well he plays by himself. I love to just watch him because he definitely has a plan with what he is doing. It usually involves moving things from one box to another. He also decided that he should be allowed to watch golf on TV whenever he wants. He will now pick up the remote, point it at the TV and say "Ball". I know it was a shining moment in Matt's mind! And I am glad to say, that he is back to his loving self, giving out kisses all the time. He has even added hugs! He also loves babies and will freak out when he sees one. All he wants to do is go pat it. There were two a couple of pews ahead of us in church a few weeks ago and he kept trying to go to them :)

dislikes: he hasn't really enjoyed being in the shopping cart like he used to. He just wants to get down and run. Gammie bought him a little dog backpack leash and he loves it. We used it for the first time in Joanns a few week ago and he was seriously shrieking with joy the entire time. He had every single woman in there paying attention to him! He doesn't like putting his clothes on much. He is really bad about running from you once you get his diaper off. I am in BIG trouble when he learns to take them off himself!

new funny/sweet things: did I mention that he is calling me "mama" now? Oh, I did? Well, it's worth mentioning a thousand times! After our trip to Florida, he realized that the little chairs are meant for him and now everytime we see one, he wants to climb in it. I guess I need to get him a little chair! I mentioned earlier that he is starting to give hugs, but he also will rub your back while he is doing it. He is such a sweet, loving boy!

We love you sweet Connor!!!

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