Tuesday, June 21, 2011

50% Mommy

Since Connor has been born we have had some people tell us that he looks like me, some people tell us that he looks like Matt, but the majority have said that he is a perfect mix of both of us. We think so too! I have been wanting to do a comparison post for both mine and Matt's baby pictures, but just haven't gotten around to it...until now! So, I'm going to start it off by showing the resemblance to yours truly. (small disclaimer: The pictures aren't great quality for 2 reasons. 1)They are 25+ years old! 2)I was too busy lazy to scan them in, so they are pictures of a picture!)

3 months:

6 months:

9 months:

14 months:

Stay tuned tomorrow to see the resmeblance to his Daddy!


Audra said...

This is amazing Kelli! So far Connor is 100% Mommy by looking at these. Can't wait to see Matt's next! Wow, what a cutie!!!!!!

the workaholic momma said...

I can't wait to see your hubs pics because Connor surely looks ALOT like you!!! This is such a neat idea - we always speculate who Addie looks like but my hubs doesn't have any pics from before he was 2:(


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