Friday, April 29, 2011

Starting em young

My poor little man has had a ROUGH week! He woke up Monday morning screaming, so I knew something was wrong. Matt brought him to me, which usually stops his crying, but not this day. He smelled a.w.f.u.l (man I miss those breastfed poops!) and when I went to change his diaper he looked like he had gotten in the tanning bed and covered everything up but his behind. It was bad. You could tell he was in serious pain because his legs were locked and he didn't want to sit on my hip. We didn't even get to go to music class because 5 minutes into the ride he was still screaming. I turned around, got him out of the cry and I started crying! I had never seen him in pain and it was killing me! I have been so incredibly blessed to have such a healthy baby and I don't take it for granted at all. I knew the best thing for him was air, so I stripped him down, laid a bunch of towels underneath him and laid down beside him singing him his favorite song, Near the Cross. He grabbed my finger and instantly fell asleep. Let me just tell you. I was in HEAVEN. It was one of the most precious moments I have had with him to date. I just laid there and stared at him. You have to understand, he is not one to fall asleep with someone lying beside him. We have never co-slept, but I can see why people do! BUT, you want to know what the sweetest thing was? About 15 minutes into the nap, he started sucking in his sleep. I hadn't seen that sweet little mouth move like that in probably 6 or 7 months. I just about died from the sweetness on the spot! I was armed with towels in case he decided to let loose during his nap, but he never did. Needless to say, he spent the majority of Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday naked and he did have a few accidents, but none on the carpet! The funniest thing was that when he would pee, it would shock him, which would make him stop peeing, but when he would resume he tried to catch it with his hands! What a BOY!!!

Finally the diaper rash was 98% clear on Wednesday and I have 3 things to contribute that to.

1) baths that had one capful of Sol U Mel in it. Yes, that is the wonderful Melaleuca product I am always raving about! It was amazing how much it helped!

2) AIR! After his baths (2 times a day) I would let him hang out nekkie for about an hr or so.

3) Doctor prescibed him Happy Hiney, a diaper ointment. It worked pretty well, too.

So once he was clear of the diaper rash, he woke up Thursday with a high fever. What started at 101.2 at 7 am, turned into 103.2 by 2:00, with two doses of tylenol. Off to the store we went to get some motrin and it hit the spot in 30 minutes. You could tell he didn't feel good throughout the day, but I did enjoy all the sweet cuddles! Hopefully, we are free and clear and it was just a little fever virus. We have gone 13 1/2 months without getting anything, so I know our time is coming! Pray we stay healthy this weekend as we have a busy one planned!

SO.. now to share with you the reason for the title of this post. Connor got some golf clubs from some of our friends from church for his birthday. Matt has been working on his "form" with him for the past week or so and Wednesday he nailed it. To say Matt was excited is an understatement.

He has been asking me everyday since then when I was going to post this video, so here you go honey! Show your little golfer off :)

On a serious note, I am shocked and saddened by the devastation that happened in Alabama (I had written my post yesterday and scheduled it before it happened). Please keep the South in your prayers as there has been so much loss. Kelly @ Kelly's Korner is having a day of prayer on her blog, which I think is a wonderful idea. There is a way to link up if you have a specific prayer request you would like to share or just head over there and spend some time lifting these people up. Prayer is a mighty powerful thing and there are so many people in the world that need it.


Libby! said...

Poor whittle guy! That is just pitiful. What a week he has fought through! Hopefully he feels 110% better!

I bet Matt is so proud of that swing! I cant wait to show Kyle when he gets here from work today. Im sure he will talk about it all day! I cant wait for the day when Connor beats both of them. Hilarious.

I love that in the background of that video is the TV with exactly the craziness we have had this week! and you and that joyful baby boy are practicing his golf swing!

Hope to see you all soon. Sending some love

Anonymous said...

i live for those moments! how precious is your sweet boy!

the workaholic momma said...

AAWWW - I'm so sad for poor little Connor:( I hope he had a better weekend - what a rough week!!

My hubs can't wait to buy a set of play clubs for our little girl - he LOVES golf and really wants Addie to learn too.

Hope you all had a great weekend:)


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