Monday, March 7, 2011

Paralysis by Analysis

Last week I saw that my friend, Chesley "liked" something called Kevin & Amanda on facebook. I don't know what led me to click on it, but I did. And, oh my. Might I be as bold to say that the good Lord led me to do it?! Not only are there some great tutorials and recipes, but she has some awesome free fonts. Say, unlike me, you have a rockin handwriting. Well you can submit it to her and she turns it into a font! I downloaded ALL of them! I knew I would use it for some of the decorations for Connor's party and for many future craft projects as well.

So basically, what I did was pull up a word document, type in the letters I knew I was going to be using and went through all of the different fonts. I kept asking Matt what he thought and after about the 10th font, he said, "You know you are putting me in a paralysis by analysis?" HA! I had never heard that before. BUT, I am happy to say that I did find the font of my birthday banner dreams!

I have been working on his birthday every free second I have available, which doesn't come very often with a soon-to-be 1 year old! I am getting a lot done. I am just hoping I am getting everything done. Everytime I do finish a project, it just makes me more excited to see it all coming together!

Every Sunday Connor goes to his Sunday school class while we go to our class and he always gets so excited. I can definitely say I don't have one of those children that cries when I leave. All he sees is balls, other babies and is ready to go. When I dropped him off this past Sunday, they all said "There's the birthday boy!" I still can't believe it's true! And then, when I picked him up I noticed this sign on the door.

And I almost cried. Geez, I'm just not ready!

Ok. Totally off topic. I'm watching The Bachelor -The Women Tell All and I have to say... I believe Michelle! As a fellow woman, I know I would never act like that, but she isn't me! I actually like her now and feel for her. Matt and I keep going through all the girls saying who we think is going to be the next Bachelorette. I am thinking Ashley H and he is thinking Ashley S. I would have originally said Michelle, but after she said all that about regretting leaving her daughter, I don't think it will be her. Who do y'all think it will be?


chesley said...

you are cracking me up!! glad my "likes" helped you out "kelli kegley!" hahaha!

Ashley E. said...

Oh my word, I obsessed over that site and all of their fonts when I re-did my blog. LOVE!!!

Meredith :) said...

I think Ashley H.! She acted coy when Chris asked her about dating again...hmmm! :) I like her, so I hope so!

Lyndsey said...

I think Ashley S... her goodbye scene was so sad to everyone.. they will give her a second chance! P.S... Who do you want to win? I like Emily! Happy Early Birthday to sweet Connor! It's tomorrow right?


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