Sunday, February 6, 2011

Weekend fun

We had so much fun with MiMi here these last few days. As usual, I was very sad to see her go. To say I am ready for her to live here is an understatement! I loved seeing Connor warm up to her throughout the weekend. They had a lot of fun together, that is no doubt! She spent most of her time here in the floor playing with him, which allowed me to get some of the little stuff around the house done that I cannot do without someone to occupy my curious little Connor. Of course, I didn't get everything that could be done, so that just means you'll have to come back and play...Ok, mom?

We headed out Thursday afternoon to go to Target so I could try on some clothes that I saw Monday. I did get some cute things for the Spring and am so looking forward to the warmer weather to wear them! On the way there MiMi, our resident Speech Pathologist, taught Connor a few things. She taught him the word "light" and the "I don't know" arm/hand movement! He thoroughly enjoyed his time in Target and spent a lot of time pointing out all the "aights" to us. I've got to get him on video doing the "I don't know " movement. It is so cute!

Friday night Matt and I went out on a date. We were talking on the way into the restaurant how weird it was to not have Connor with us and how weird it was that that was weird! We have been together for a little over 8 years and little man has been with us for 11 months and already he has impacted us so much! We went to Olive Garden and I convinced Matt that we should get dessert instead of an appetizer. He agreed and we got this:

photo from

and it was! No lie, I could have had two pieces. It was so light and chocolatey! He is probably going to regret the decision to let me get it.. I am going to want it everytime now!

Saturday we just played around the house while Matt took the opportunity to clean out our shed. Bless him. I know it was awful!

Our neighbor's grandson decided to help. One day there will be another little boy out there helping daddy :)

MiMi, Connor had a great time with you this weekend. Whether you were playing with his toys

or reading books,

fun was had! We'll see you at his FIRST birthday party!!!

We are headed out to Uncle Kyle's to watch the superbowl. It'll be a late night for the little man and he didn't nap today. Wish us (and the people we are watching it with) luck!!!

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