Wednesday, February 9, 2011

11 months?!?!

Dear Life,
I am going to ask that you please slow down. I am having a hard time accepting that in one short month I will have a toddler. I would like to keep my baby a little while longer, please. Could you do that for me, please?!

Yours truly,
Kelli (Mommy to Connor)

There are so many things I could say about this past month with Connor. He has changed so much and has such a personality! I can already tell he is going to be a ham!

Connor at 11 months you:

-weigh somewhere between 20.5 lbs and 21.5. Who knows what the doctors office will say as our scales are always higher than theirs. You are about 29.5" in height (I measured you yesterday and you looked at me like I had lost my mind..ha)

-think you are the funniest person in the world. You will do things and just laugh and laugh at yourself. You think I'm pretty funny too. It doesn't take much for me to hear that belly laugh.

-are talking up a storm! It's so funny because I really think that you think you are having a conversation with me! It is so cute! (And you know how I predicted you were going to be a talker? I was not wrong. You really are never quiet!!) Now while most of your "conversations" are in your own language, you are saying a few words. They are:

bawl: ball
bay-beh: baby
mama: Mama
dah-dee: Daddy
aight: light
duck: duck
tuck/uck: truck
ay-ya: Layla (we have a picture of Layla by the coffee pot and he was reaching for it everytime we would go by it, so I started saying "Layla" and then all of a sudden last Saturday, he repeated it! Mom and Matt were my witnesses! Now he is saying it a lot.)

Of course "ball" is your favorite word, but truck is quickly approaching. We have big trucks going by our house a lot, so everytime you hear one you says "tuck!" and looks out the window real quick. It is so cute! You alsolooked at our car today and said bye bye, but I'll have to see if you repeat it before I can believe it ;)

-are waving and clapping. The other day in the car while Matt was driving he would wave in the rear view mirror to you. Then you would wave back. Then Matt would clap. Then you would clap. You would have thought he had just graduated with the highest honors. We were so proud!

-are standing by yourself more and more each day. We are practicing your walking and it should be soon! I think you are going to be one of those little boys that will require a ball of some sort in each hand before you will do it. You always have a ball in at least one hand. Half the time when I pick you up I don't realize you are holding one until I feel it on my back. I LOVE that you love them so much :)

-are like a sponge. You are soaking EVERYTHING in. You try to mimic our movements. You mimic our words, even if you can't really say it.

-love bathtime and you know when you hear the water running what that means. You hightail that little booty to the tub, stand there and start hiking your leg like you are trying to climb in!

those eyelashes!!!

-love to open your drawers in your room and pull out all the clothes. About every other day I find something random in there (a ball, a toy letter to your mailbox, a hanger. I'm just waiting for the day that I can't find something of mine and find it in there!) You are also hiking your leg when you stand in front of your drawer, so I figure the next step is you climbing in the drawer :) )

-don't like when I clean the dishes. You are fine until I start running the water for the sink and start whining and pulling on my pants. I guess you know that I am about to be occupied for a few minutes! And honestly, you don't like anything that occupies my time!

And with this face, I don't get much done :)

I am amazed at how quickly you are learning and growing. I find myself literally missing you while you are asleep.. you just bring so much joy to my life! You will never understand, until you have a child of your own, how much we love you sweet boy!


Ashley E. said...

Oh my word, what a cutie! I'm so excited that him and Addi will get to meet soon. I just know they will love each other!

Oh and Addi took Josh's cell phone, turned it off then put it in a drawer and walked away. We looked for an hour for that thing!

Lana Summitt said...

Love that cute flannel shirt!!!

Ashley said...

LOVE those eyelashes! He's already a "Heart-throb" ;)


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