Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Such a ham!

Connor has turned into such a ham lately! Our days are full of laughs. He loves to make me laugh and I love to make him laugh! A perfect match :)

He has started doing this smile where he literally smiles with every inch of his face and scrunches up his eyes.

He also wants you to do it back to him and he will do it back to you again. If I am doing the dishes he will crawl over to me, pull on my pants for me to look at him.

When I do he makes the face and just sit there and waits for me to do it back. As soon as I do he will giggle and go on. I could just eat him up!

I thought he was only doing it with people he was familiar with, but apparently he was doing it in church Sunday to the people behind us.
I heard them giggling during church, but just figured he was smiling at them. Afterwards one of the ladies came up to me to tell me about the "winking" he was doing.

He sure knows how to win the ladies over :)

One of Connor's favorite activities at Pam's house last week was to hit the wicker balls off of the coffee table. He got so tickled and Matt caught some of it on video. The best laughter wasn't caught (isn't that how it always works?!), but it is still pretty good. I cut it up into 3 segments because in the last two we got him doing the big smile. (I also cut it into segments because it was 4 minutes long with a very noticeable potty break in the middle.. if you know what I mean!)


Ashley E. said...

Oh my goodness. Him and Addi would be a pair!

Lana Summitt said...

Those teeth!


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