Thursday, January 27, 2011

It has finally happened!

Ever since reality shows have taken over TV I have always wanted to know someone on one of the shows. I have begged Carrie and Hunter to do something together. Survivor, Amazing Race... anything! It was all to no avail. But tonight I knew someone!! If you were watching American Idol, I knew Jackie Wilson. She was the office supervisor (totally made that title up. I'm really not sure what she was, but that seemed most appropriate for what she did) at Cherry Creek Apartments in Hermitage, which is where I lived after college. She was always so nice and I remember her talking about singing. I look forward to seeing how far she goes!

After Connor woke up from his morning nap today, I got him dressed and ran to Kroger to do some grocery shopping.

notice the ball. obsessed, i tell you.

Since we were there during his play time he didn't get to burn any energy, which meant a 30 minute afternoon nap for him. He never cried just sat in there laughing, talking and throwing all of his stuffed animals overboard (It was so cute. When I went in there to get him out all of his animals were laying in a perfect row right beside his crib. I wish I would have seen this on the monitor. I don't know how he got to line up so evenly!). Every once in a while he would try to cry, but never could quite drum it up :) Lately he has been miserable to ride in the car with, so while he played in his crib, I went outside to get his dvd player set up. And while some people would probably judge me for showing him a DVD during the 15 minute drive to WalMart, all I can say is you haven't been in the car with him recently. He hates it! He screams, and by that I don't mean cry. Just literally screams every few seconds or so. It hurts my ears it is so loud! Thankfully, the DVD worked wonders! Anyway, since he didn't nap he was a little tired at Walmart and decided to take advantage of his comfy buggy cover.

I was cracking up! I'm sure people thought I was forcing a baby that isn't able to sit up to sit in the buggy!

While at WalMart I picked up a storage container for my growing sewing supplies. Aaand I already need a bigger one. It is stuffed to the brim! I dream that one day, when we build a house, I am going to have a craft room for myself. A sewing area, a scrapbook area and an area for a cricut machine! PERFECTION!!!
I really think these rooms would help me be more creative:

love how girly this is. love the thread hanging up so nice and neat. just love. photo courtesy of The Cupcakery Girl

love the sun shining through the window. love the bright colors, even though i'm not loving the turquoise table. photo courtesy of Tofu Studio

love the simple, minimalistic feel. serene. calm. non cluttered. this is the way i would want mine to look, but it never would.haha. photo courtesy of Chez Larsson

and this one. this one is my fav-o-rite. I would change a couple of things like the yellow chair and bright green chandelier, but other than that? love. photo courtesy of Heather Bailey

Tomorrow night I am going to a coupon class and I am SOOO excited! I'll let y'all know how much I learn. There is only one way to go from my current couponing expertise and that is up! Free diapers, here I come!

Oh, and I have had a few of you say that I made you want a Clarisonic yesterday. Do it. Go get one. You won't regret it!!! If anything, add it to your birthday/Christmas list!!!


Katie said...

I always wanted to know someone, too! And the guy who won survivor this year went to my high school and I cheered with his sister!

Kayla J. Rose said...

Connor probably climbed out of his crib, lined up his stuff animals and then climbed back up... of course laughing inside when you came in and never suspected it ;)

Dream photos of the most perfect craft room that every woman should have... crafty or not!!! I love the HUGE (understated) television in that first picture!!!! hahaha.


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