Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Opryland Hotel

Last Monday Matt, Connor and I went to look at the lights at Opryland with April, Josh (her boyfriend), Kyle and Libby (his girlfriend).

I was really impressed with the way it looked. It really took a hit in the flood this summer and you couldn't even tell. It actually looked a little better.
I think this area was my favorite. I'm not even sure what atrium this is in. I was so lost the entire time. Libby seemed to know this place like the back of her hand!
Connor was a daddy's boy this night. He would have nothing to do with anybody else (me included!) when he was around.
Standing by himself! Can you tell he doesn't like it very much?!
This boy loves anything that is ball shaped! He is definitely a boy!
He was amazed by the fountain. It changed colors and of course the water changed height and he loved it.

Watching the fountain with his daddy.

I love his sweet profile!

April wanted a picture with her two favorite men. Connor wasn't very cooperative as he wasn't touching his daddy :)

This is in the main lobby. It was beautiful! I feel like the in the changes they made everything look a little bit more contemporary and they did a great job!

We have been to Opryland every Christmas since I have lived here and I love doing it! We didn't go into the Snow or Ice exhibit, but will definitely do that when Connor can enjoy it more.

Next up is Christmas morning!!!!

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Erica said...

OH MY GOODNESS! Elf in training! Cutest pic ever!


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