Monday, November 29, 2010


We had a wonderful Thanksgiving! This was the year to celebrate with Matt's family, so we stayed in Tennessee. Thursday morning we woke up and hung around the house for a little bit before we headed over to Matt's dad's house.

We spent the day there just playing with April while Matt fried a turkey with Kyle and his dad. If you have never had a fried turkey, you need to plan on making it that way next year. It was fabulous! It had so much more flavor than most turkeys do.

That night we had April and her boyfriend Josh stay with Connor while we went to an early Black Friday sale at the outlet mall here in Lebanon. It was crazy. There were a lot of things I ended up not getting because I had no desire to stay in line for them. It's a lot harder to stand in long lines when you know you are going to go home and go to bed. I didn't get up and do any Black Friday shopping this year, and it made me a little sad. I think my favorite part was putting together a plan the night always made me feel so organized and I love that feeling! Ha!

Friday morning we headed to Matt's grandma's house to celebrate with his mom's side of the family. I realized that it the Friday after Thanksgiving last year that I took one of my weekly belly pictures. That was then:

If only I could have told myself then that I would end up getting 3x as large in the next few months...

and now:

I've got to say.. it's a lot easier to overeat when you don't have a little baby taking up the majority of space in your belly!

While Nana was putting the finishing touches on her amazing meal, we put Connor in the baby rocking chair and he loved it!

you can tell he is trying to rock the chair here. haha

He is always rocking back and forth when you are holding him, so this was perfect for him. Then Papa decided he could do him one better and climbed into the attic and retrieved Aunt Kim's rocking horse from when she was a little kid.

He was still a little small for it, but I have a feeling there will be a day we won't be able to pull him off of it.

What a wonderful weekend spent with a family I am SO thankful to have married into! I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving as well!

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Ashley E. said...

Fried turkey changed my life. It's soooo good. Connor's outfit is so cute!!!


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