Monday, November 15, 2010

I don't know what I'm going to get him for Christmas...

When all he wants to do is open and close doors!

What a mess! We did this for probably 15 minutes last night. He figured out that every room had a door today, so we had to try it out on all the doors. His favorite was the front door because it was cool to the touch. And it made this awful noise when he scratched it with his fingernails, which of course thrilled him to no end.

I have started a couple of holiday related craft projects that I am pretty excited about. They definitely aren't going to be anything spectacular, but I will be able to say that I did it and it is giving me something to do! I haven't read a book in a couple of months and it is killing me, so this will hopefully take up my time until I find something new to read.

To get some things I needed we headed out to the ever trusty Hobby Lobby.

I love that store. They had all of their Christmas ornaments 50% off and it really made me want to drag all of my stuff out to see what we might need. I do know that I need some ornaments for Connor's tree, but I can't decide if I want to go with just a color scheme or with some miniature sports related ornaments they had. The only thing with that is that it wouldn't match his room at all and I think that would drive me crazy! I do remember buying him some ornaments last year, I just don't remember what they look like. I lost over half of my brain on March 9th and what ornaments I bought last year were not ingrained on the part that stayed.

I had a couple of more errands to run and everytime I would open the door to get Connor out I would find him without socks. He kept taking them off and throwing them on the floorboard! He cracks me up!

Hopefully I'll have my little craft project done in the next couple of days so I can share it with y'all!

Oh, Matt read my blog for the first time today (shame on him, I know) and was appalled by the fact that I said that there were 76,000 fans at the game. He said it was more like 96,000 and the attendance has never been as low as 76,000. So please let me apologizing for leaving those extra 20,000 people out ;) I stand corrected!

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MiMi said...

Thats the first time I've heard that lil squeal. How precious.


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