Monday, August 23, 2010

Fair part two

Well the fair has come to an end and I'm sure mine and Matt's areteries are thankful. I have never eaten so many fried things in my entire life! With that said, I don't regret it at all :)

We put Connor facing forward in his carseat and he loved it! He never once fussed and just looked around at all of the lights. I'm just glad he we still have a couple of years before he can start riding rides. I know I will be a nervous wreck!

Now, back to the topic at hand. They had everything you could think of fried or dipped in chocolate. I seriously considered skipping supper all together and just going straight for the dessert! We had:
Fried oreos:
Fried butter:
and not pictured: Fried cookie dough and fried strawberries!! My favorite were the fried oreos. Matt's were the fried butter. Go figure!
There was a booth set up for the Mojo bracelets. Have y'all heard of them? It was funny because we had actually seen a commercial about them the night before and we laughed because we said no way that works. Well,
THEY WORK! Seriously. I was so determined to prove this guy wrong. He had me stand on one leg with my arms out. I pulled out my 7th grade cheerleader strength: tight abs, squeeze legs and bottom and was determined to let him knock me off balance. Well, of course, he did (ha). Then he had me do it again and put the bracelet on my shoulder. I didn't budge when he tried it again! (and, yes, he used the same force!) The other test dealt with touching your toes. Without the bracelet I was about 6 inches from touching them. With the bracelet I could easily touch them. CRAZY, I tell ya! Matt thinks it is a mind game (but yet he still got one?! ha), but I'm not so sure. I was so determined to prove it wrong, but couldn't. I got my MOJO back people! :)
I've got to go feed the little man. He has been SO off schedule lately and it is catching up with us today. He's a fussy little booger..but he's my fussy little booger ;)

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